Ancestral tourists

Matriculation album entry for Sampachi Fukazawa, 1900-1901.  (GUAS Ref: R8-5-22-3.  Copyright reserved.)View your ancestor’s records

Descendants of University alumni and staff are made welcome when they come to view the original records of their forebears. We recommend you make an appointment to ensure a member of staff can dedicate time to explaining the records to you. Remember to bring your camera. For more information on the sources available, please visit the student records page. If you want to be sure that your ancestor was here before coming, please use our online enquiry form. We are gradually adding information about our professors and alumni to the University of Glasgow Story website. This includes details of all those men and women who graduated from the University up to 1911. Even if you don't yet find your own ancestor listed you can use the site find out more about our history and traditions.

The Lion and the Unicorn.  This staircase was originally built in 1690 and was located in the outer quadrangle of the Old College on High Street.  It was later moved and incorporated into the Gilbert Scott building in 1872.

Walk in your ancestor’s footsteps

If your ancestor was at the University you might wish to visit the Hunterian Museum and take a campus tour.

If they were here before 1870, they would have studied at the Old College in the High Street.  Sadly the original building was demolished in the 19th century.  

It is still worth taking a campus tour to see the Lion & Unicorn Staircase and Pearce Lodge.  These architectural features were removed brick by brick from the Old College and reconstructed on this campus.

Many historic buildings around the High Street are still worth a visit to understand the area as it would have been in your ancestor’s time.

The entrance to the Old College building in the High Street.  When the Old College buildings were demolished in 1870, part of the High Street entrance was carefully dismantled and preserved. In 1887 the stonework was brought to Gilmorehill and incorporated in the gateway and gatehouse erected at the northeast gate of the new campus on University Avenue.  (GUAS Ref: PHU38-16a.  Copyright reserved).

Historic locations near the Old College site