Preservation Unit

Archival materials during packing in polyester sleeves.  (Copyright reserved.  University of Glasgow.)The Preservation Unit works to ensure the ongoing preservation of the University archival collections.  It leads a comprehensive preventative and remedial conservation programme for the collections.

The Preservation Unit oversees the physical protection of the collections through environmental monitoring of storage areas, a proper housekeeping and conservation treatment programme, recommendation of appropriate storage materials, training on the handling of archives, and maintenance of the departmental disaster plan.

The Preservation Unit is led by a Preservation Manager who is assisted by the services of archive assistants, archive technicians and graduate trainees.

Improving storage of archives

Archives preservation staff preparing records for permanent storage. (Copyright reserved. University of Glasgow.) The Preservation Unit leads an ongoing programme to improve the storage of the University’s archives.  This includes a number of cleaning and repacking programmes for the collections: