Archive Services visit to Irn-Bru

Archive Services visit to Irn-Bru

The Barr's Chairman, Robin Barr (top rear), and the staff of Archive Services on their visit to the Irn-Bru factory in Cumbernauld.  (Copyright reserved.  University of Glasgow.)Following on from David Powell’s work surveying A G Barr plc's company archive (the makers of Irn-Bru), Archive Service’s staff enjoyed an afternoon at the company’s new headquarters, production and distribution unit at Cumbernauld. 

A G Barr plc are very proud of their heritage; Barr’s soft drinks business was started by the current Chairman Robin Barr’s great grandfather Robert Barr in Falkirk in 1875.  Proof of this is the exhibition which is installed in the headquarters reception area which traces the development of the company and its brands over the last century. 

This exhibition uses a great deal of original advertising and artefacts, including a sample of the official Irn-Bru tartan.  One of the most popular exhibits is the television adverts where you can choose any of Irn-Bru’s unconventional adverts to view. 

In addition to viewing the exhibition and the company history film, we also enjoyed a tour of the impressive production unit, where four lines churn out glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans of Barr’s soft drinks for distribution across the UK and Europe. 

Thanks to David for organising the visit.