Logbook - Page 7

Remarks 1810 [1806?]

7 August 1806 Come to Anchor in Simons bay
24 Mills [miles] from Cap Toun [Cape Town, South Africa], Cape of Good
hop [Cape of Good Hope] . it is very high land. the
inhabitence [inhabitants] are mostly Duch [Dutch] Hotentots [Khoikhoi]
& English Soldirs [soldiers] . every thing is very
dear here. brought the whole fleet in safe
10 August 1806 Brought a man on bord [board] belongin [belonging] to the
Glutton Est Indeman [East Indiaman] .  he was goin [going] on
shore upon a gangbord [gang board] at 10 Oclock
at night, with his bage [bag] of Cloths [clothes]
a Bage [bag] of Breed [bread] a pice [piece] of beef & a pice [piece]
of Pork.  lash'd [lashed] on the Gang bord [board]
with a pice [piece] of wood for an oar & Singin [singing]
Rull Britannia [Rule Britannia] as he went
16 August 1806 Sailed from the Cape of Good Hop [Cape of Good Hope] in Company
with the How [ HMS Howe (1805) {Wikipedia}] , 3 Transport & a Gunbrige [gun brig]
for the River of Plate [River Plate, South America] to join Sir Home Poppom [Sir Home Popham {Wikipedia}]
17 August 1806 Pairted [parted] in a Gail [gale] of wind med [made] the best
of our way to the River of Plate
15 September 1806 Passed the Cap of St Marys [Cape of St Mary's, Cabo de Santa Maria, now Punta Del Este, Uruguay] this land is low
17 September 1806 Come to Anchor at Mount d Video [Montevideo, Uruguay]
in the River of Plate, South America
this river is very wide & is about 400
Mills [miles] in lenth [length] .  Buona Ayers [Buenos Aires, Argentina] is the
principle City & lyes [lies] about 100 Mills [miles] farder [further]
up the River.  our Troops had en Ingagment [engagement]
about 2 Months befor [before] we came & had the
place in pofsesion [possession] for three weeks
but a Renforcement [reinforcement] of Spanish Came &
tooke [took] it Again & about 13 Hundred
of our troops Prisioners [prisoners]
 The seventh page from Andrew Service's logbook recording events on board HMS Medusa. This page, dated 1806, covers the period from 7th August to 17th September 1806, and begins with HMS Medusa anchoring in South Africa, north of Cape Town, before sailing to the River Plate, Montevideo, Uruguay and engaging the Spanish. (GUAS Ref: UGC 182. Copyright reserved.)
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(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)



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