Logbook - Page 6

Remarks 1806

12 March 1806 Eril St Vincin [ Earl St Vincent , Commander of the Channel Fleet {Wikipedia}] sailed in the Hyburne [HMS Hibernia (1804) {Wikipedia}]
frome [from] St Hellens [St Helens Roads, Isle of Wight, England]  to join the Chennil [Channel]
fleet with the Union Jack at the Main
12 March 1806 Mr R Shand, Surgeons Mate, left us
Mr Wm [William] Hutchison, do., [Surgeon's Mate] com [come] on bord [board]
13 March 1806 Mr Wm [William] Rodmill Surgeon Came on bord [board]
6 April 1806 Sailed from St Hellens [St Helens Roads, Isle of Wight, England] to Cruse [cruise] off
the Cost [coast] of France
30 April 1806 Come to Anchor at Spithead [off Portsmouth, England]
5 May 1806 Recived [received] the 3rd payment of the Spanish
frigats [frigates] 19-9 [19 pounds 9 shillings]
14 May 1806 Sailed from St Hellens [St Helens Roads, Isle of Wight, England]  with 30 Sail  
of Est Indermen [East Indiamen] & Transports for the
Est Indies [East Indies] Lyon [ HMS Lion (1777) {Wikipedia}] & How [ HMS Howe (1805) {Wikipedia}] in Company
21 May 1806 J B Liscar died of the fever at sea  22  [22nd person to die]
25 May 1806 James Addelstrop died of the fever at Sea  23 [23rd person to die]
3 June 1806 Crossed the Traffice [Tropic of Cancer] Line
6 June 1806 Pased [passed] the Island of Antoni [Santa Antao, Cape Verde Islands] , this Island
is large & high land.  it belongs
to the Portegeues [Portuguese]
7 June 1806 Thos [Thomas] Elliot died of the fever at Sea  24  [24th person to die]
11 June 1806 Spoke [to speak a ship - a Royal Navy tradition of exchanging greetings and/or messages] the Tremendious [ HMS Tremendous (1784) {Wikipedia}] 74 [guns] with 12 Sail
of Est Indeman [East Indiamen] goin [going] for England
22 June 1806 Crossed the luchinouchng [lucky ocean] Line [crossing the Equator, see line-crossing ceremony]
and kept up the old rull [rule] of sheving [shaving]
 The sixth page from Andrew Service's logbook recording events on board HMS Medusa. This page, dated 1806, covers the period from 12th March to 22nd June 1806, and lists new crew members as well as those who died during this time.  Medusa leaves England for the East Indies. (GUAS Ref: UGC 182. Copyright reserved.)
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(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)



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