Logbook - Page 5

Remarks 1805

6 November 1805 Thomas Babb, Seaman Died    19 [19th person to die]
7 November 1805 Joseph Comb, General Wym's [?] servent [servant]
  Died of the fever at Sea    20 [20th person to die]
4 December 1805 James Witson   21 [21st person to die]  fell overbord [overboard] & was dround [drowned]
14 December 1805 Come to Ancher [anchor] at St Hellena [Island of Saint Helena, Atlantic Ocean]
this Island is abou 21 Mills [miles] in linth [length]
And is very high land. the town
is but small. the Island belongs
to the English. its very helthy [healthy]
25 December 1805 Left St Hellena [Island of Saint Helena, Atlantic Ocean]
3 January 1806 Crossed the luchoinouching [lucky ocean] Line [crossing the Equator, see line-crossing ceremony {Wikipedia}]
14 January 1806 Crossed the Troffick [Tropic of Cancer] Line
27 January 1806 Sent the dispachis  [despatches] ashor [ashore] at
28 January 1806 Come to Ancher [anchor]  at Spithead [off Portsmouth, England] after
a pafsag [passage] of 12 weeks & 2 days since 
we left Sago Rods [?]
19 February 1806 Paied [paid] 18-10 [18 pounds - 10 shillings] Second payment of the
Spanish frigats [frigates]
23 February 1806 Captain Gore [ Sir John Gore {Wikipedia}] apointed [appointed] for the Revenge
Captain Bouverie for the Medusa
3 March 1806 Paied [paid] our Waidges [wages] doun [down] to 9 months 37-11 [37 pounds - 11 shillings]
5 March 1806 Went to St Hellens [St Helens Roads, Isle of Wight, England] Struk [struck] the
day before
 The fifth page from Andrew Service's logbook recording events on board HMS Medusa. This page, again dated 1805, covers the period from 6th November 1805 to 8th March 1806, and lists more crew members who died during this time.  Anchors at St Helena before reaching England in January 1806. (GUAS Ref: UGC 182. Copyright reserved.)
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(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)



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