Logbook - Page 4

Remarks 1805

21 July 1805 Left Maddrass [Madras, now Chennai, India]
29 July 1805 Come to Anchor at Dimond [Diamond] bay 60 Mils [miles]
from Calcutta [Kolkata] in Bengal, Est Indis [East Indies]
the Inhabitens [inhabitants] are Black & goes
with  out cloths [clothes]   Man & Women of the Lower
  Clafs [class] .  the Land is low.  It chife [chief]
  Produce is Silks, Nanks [Nankeens ? - yellow cotton cloth] , Tea 
  Sugar & etc.  thing [things] are very chip [cheap]
here of all Dischriptons [descriptions] .  the place 
is hott [hot] , but not very helthy [healthy]
24 August 1805 John Flin, Marrin [marine] Drummer
Died of the fever.  7  [7th person to die]
27 August 1805 Got under weight [way] from Dimond [Diamond] bay
  Doun [down] to Sago [Sagaga ?] rods upon account
of the Sicknefs [sickness] being in the Ship
Died of the fever in Sagaga Rods [?]
4 September 1805 Benjamim [Benjamin] Bush, Seaman, 8 [8th person to die]
8 September 1805 Daniel Cameron, Cooper, 9 [9th person to die]
9 September 1805 Joseph Barly, Carpender [Carpenter] , 10 [10th person to die] 
10 September 1805 Wm [William] Blebin, Seaman, 11 [11th person to die]
10 September 1805 Robt. [Robert] Newman, Seaman, 12 [12th person to die]
10 September 1805 Matthew Floures [Flowers ?], Seaman, 13 [13th person to die]
15 September 1805 Thomas Chambers, Quarter Master, 14 [14th person to die]
7 October 1805 Marqus [Marquis] Cornwallas at Calcutta [Charles Cornwallis, Governor General of India {Wikipedia}]
9 October 1805 David Maska, Seaman, 15 [15th person to die]
10 October 1805 John Goodchild, Seaman, 16 [16th person to die]
18 October 1805 Mr Wm. [William] Caretton Marrin [Marine] officer, 17 [17th person to die]
21 October 1805 John Smith Drounded [drowned] 18 [18th person to die]
2 November 1805 Despaches [Dispatches] for England cam [came] on bord [board]
3 November 1805 Sailed for England
 The fourth page from Andrew Service's logbook recording events on board HMS Medusa. This page, dated 1805, covers the period from 21st July to 3rd November 1805, and reports HMS Medusa sailing from Madras in India and goes on to list crew members who died during this time on the return to England. (GUAS Ref: UGC 182. Copyright reserved.)
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(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)



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