Logbook - Page 3

Remarks 1805

4 April 1805 Went out of the harbour
6 April 1805 Paied [paid] our Waidges [wages] Doun [down] to 9 Months 31.7 [31 pounds 7 shillings]
9 April 1805 Advance upon the Spanish frigats [frigates] 22- [22 pounds]
14 April 1805 Sailed from Portsmouth for the Est Indies [East Indies]
with Marquis Cornwallas [ Marquis Cornwallis , Governor General of India {Wikipedia}]
28 April 1805  Passed the island of Tannarife  [Tenerife, Canary Islands]
1 May 1805  Passed the Traffick [Tropic of Cancer] Line
5 May 1805  Come to Anchor at St Gigos [Santiago Island, formerly known as St Jago, Cape Verde Islands] this Island
belongs to the Portigues [Portuguese]. the Inhabitence [inhabitants]   
are mostly black. the Town lyis [lies] about
a Mill [mile] from the Shore.  the land is
low.  Watered ship here
9 May 1805 Left St Gigos [Santiago Island, formerly known as St Jago, Cape Verde Islands]
19 May 1805 Crossed the luchinouchng [lucky ocean] Line [crossing the Equator, see line-crossing ceremony {Wikipedia}]
29 May 1805 Passed the Island of Trinado [Trindade and Martin Vaz Islands, off the coast of Brazil], this
Island is small & no Inhabitence [inhabitants]
on it.  ther [there] is three rocks lyis [lies] about
3 Leges [Leagues] to Winderd [Windward] of the Island
21 June 1805 Wm [William] Thompson Seaman fell of [off] the 
Main Topsail yard & was Drownd [drowned]
about halfe [half] past ten at Night
6 [6th person to die]
16 July 1805 Passed the Island of Sillon [Ceylon, now Sri Lanka]. this
Island is very larg [large]. Its chife [chief] produce
is Spices of all kinds & is in pofsision [possession] of
the English
18 July 1805 Arived [arrived] at Maddrafs [Madras, now Chennai, India] the chief [chife] produce
of this place is Silks, Cottons, Nankeens [yellow cotton cloth]
the Inhabitins [inhabitants] are Black & Men & Women
of the Lower Clafs [Class] gos [goes] with our Cloths [clothes]
the place is hott [hot] but Helthy [healthy]
Bots [boats] used here.  Mufsule [mussel] Bots [boats] with
a role [roll] of Straw betwixt [between] every plank & lash'd [lashed]
together with straw rops [ropes]. Cattermerangs [catamarans]
three Logs of Wood lash'd [lashed] together, which
serve them for bots [boats], upon account
that no English bot [boat] can land here
the Surfe [surf] is so great
 The third page from Andrew Service's logbook recording events on board HMS Medusa. This page, dated 1805, covers the period from 4th April to 18th July of 1805, and reports HMS Medusa sailing to the East Indies with Marquis Cornwallis on board. (GUAS Ref: UGC 182. Copyright reserved.)
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(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)



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