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Remarks 1802

23 March 1802 Sailed from Portsmouth to Giberalter [Gibraltar]
2 April 1802 Arived [arrived] at Giberalter [Gibraltar] and the same day
Sailed up the Meditranian [Mediterranean] Touch’d  [touched]
at Malta, Mecina [Messina, Sicily], Naples, Plyrma [Palermo] ,
Cattergine [Cartegena, Spain], Lighorn [Livorno, Italy], Genoi [Genoa, Italy],
Siverdvich [Civitavecchia, Port of Rome, Italy ?], Tollun [Toulon, France], Molla [?], Aithens [Athens, Greece],
Constaninople [Istanbul, Turkey], Mallego [Malaga, Spain], Barachiloni [Barcelona, Spain],
Madara [Island of Madeira, Portugal], Lisbond [Lisbon, Portugal], Cadiz.
Lost 5 men.
20 September 1803 Cruising in the Gut of Giberalter [Gibraltar] fell in
with a French Marchinman [Merchantman] from 
the West Indis [Indies]. Took hir [her] into Giberalter [Gibraltar] .
Prise [prize] monny [money] payed [paid] £16 [16 pounds] .
12 December 1803 Tooke [took] a French priveeteer [privateer] in the Gut of 
Giberalter [Gibraltar]. prise [prize] Monny [money] payed [paid].
16 January 1804  Tooke [took] a Genoi [Genoa, Italy] Ship with french 
property [property] on bord [board] in the Gute of Giberalter [Gibraltar] .
prise [prize] monny [money] payed [paid].
5 October 1804  In company with HMS Indifactible [ HMS Indefatigable (1784) {Wikipedia}]
Livly [ HMS Lively (1804) {Wikipedia}] & Amphain [ HMS Amphion (1798) {Wikipedia}] , fell in with the
Mede [Medee], Marsidas [Mercedes] (blouin [blown] up in action)
Le Fame [Fama], & Le Clara. Spanish frigats [frigates]
of Cap St. Marys [Cape Santa Maria, southern Portugal] from the River of Plate.
Comenced [commenced] Action & after 3 ½ Ours [hours]
Ingagin [engaging] 3 of thim [them] struck, & one blue [blew]
up in Action they wer [were] Ladned [laden] with
monny [money]. Sent them home with the
Said Ships. Reeved [Received] 60 at 3 payments.
23 October 1804  In company with HMS Dunagal [HMS Donegal (1798) {Wikipedia}]
Tooke [took] the Matilda Spanish frigat [frigate]
from Cadiz to the River of Plate
Brought Prize home payed [paid] £3.11-  [3 pounds 11 shillings]
7 November 1804 Arived [arrived] at the Mothir [?]  bank, Portsmouth
19 December 1804 Ship went into Dock
5 March 1805 Ship came out of Dock
The second page from Andrew Service's logbook recording details of his time on board HMS Medusa, with the first entry dated 23rd March 1802.  Further down, the entry for 5th October 1804 details the engagement at the Battle of Cape Santa Maria, off Portugal.  (GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)
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(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)



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