Logbook - Notes Page

Andrew Service Invilided [invalided] from His Majests [Majesty‚Äôs] 
Service on Thursday 10 May 1810. Discharged on 
Munday [Monday] the 21 May after 8 years 11 munths [months] 
& 20 days service & arived [arrived] at Greenock 
                   10 June 1810 
My hand Jamed [jammed] on the 14 November 1809 
finger cut off 21 December ? and ?
November 27 
? of Greenwich 

Andrew Service born 17 Oct 1788 
David Service died in 20 Oct 1790 
Archd [Archibald] Service born in Nov 1788 
Humphrey Service died 1779 
Isobil Taylor died 25 Dec 1797

A notes page at the front of the logbook of Andrew Service, sailor, HMS Medusa, 1802-1810.  This page contains some detail of Andrew Service's family as well as a brief summary of his naval career.  (GUAS Ref: UGC 182. Copyright reserved.)
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(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)


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