A National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland

The BACS, in partnership with the Ballast Trust and with the support of the National Archives of Scotland and on behalf of the Scottish Council on Archives have developed a National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland.

The strategy will work to ensure that business archives in Scotland continue to be valued, representative of economic activity and innovation, accessible to all and supported and developed by strong networks and partnerships.

The Scottish strategy complements the National Strategy for Business Archives (England and Wales).  Both strategies share the same goals and the sponsors aim to work together wherever possible, acknowledging that business and industry recognise no borders.  However, the Scottish strategy has developed a separate set of actions to reflect the different challenges of the Scottish context, issues of devolution and previous work undertaken by the BACS and Scottish records community.

 Image of the National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland document


The strategy was formally launched at the Museum on the Mound, Edinburgh on Thursday 20th January 2011.  More details are available here and on the blog.

Implementation & Resources


Now that the strategy has been published and launched, the next steps are to ensure that the actions identified in the strategy are achieved and to maintain momentum.  To support this an implementation group has been formed and actions for the first year agreed and acted on.  The papers of the implementation group are available here.

A website for Business Archives in Scotland is now available and this contains case studies and resources to assist creators and curators of business archive collections to properly care for and maximise the use of their collections.

A National Strategy for Business Archives in England and Wales 


July 2009 saw the launch in England and Wales of a National Strategy for Business Archives.  Funded, amongst others, by The National Archives, the Society of Archivists and Business Archives Council it aims to “raise the profile of business archives, ensuring they are utilised by business and research alike and that future collection are more representative of the UK’s diverse economic activity.”

The launch of the strategy at a reception held at the House of Lords also saw the publication by the National Archives (Kew) of Corporate Memory - A Guide to Managing Business Archives.

Corporate Memory - A Guide to Managing Business Archives 

This document is aimed at businesses and features case studies of UK companies who exploit their archives for competitive advantage.  A new website, hosting by the Business Archives Council, entitled Managing Business Archives, was also launched on the same day aimed at those who manage and care for business records.  This is an excellent resource containing detailed guidance and several case studies.

Our blog

In order to publicise the development of the strategy we started a blog: Business Archives Scotland.  As well as monitoring the strategy’s development, it also has links to the strategy and also through to the English & Welsh strategy and highlights other news relating to business archives in Scotland.  Please do visit it and leave comments!