Capturing the Energy: Recording the UK Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

  • Cpaturing the Energy logoBACS is a key player in this exciting initiative that is looking to document the UK oil and gas industry.  Based in the UK's oil capital, Aberdeen, the initiative is:
  • encouraging wider recognition of the importance of the sector to the UK and creating an on-going record of key achievements, past, present and future
  • galvanising interest and attracting new blood into the industry
  • selecting the most historically significant records to enhance future research and education programmes within the industry and the wider community

Other partners in the initiative include the oil and gas operators, Aberdeen University, government agencies and those with an interest in the history of north sea oil and gas.

Already, there has been a successful project at Aberdeen University to document the UK end of the Frigg field, a gas field that straddled the UK / Norwegian border. It is hoped that this will be the first of many such projects.

BACS' Scoping Survey

BACS has provided its expertise in surveying business records to undertake a scoping study of the supply chain industry.  The purpose of the study has been to provide the CTE steering group with a clearer idea as to the scale of the industry and what records it is producing that are of potential historical value. The study has involved the surveying of numerous organisations and businesses including:

  • operators who extract oil and gas from the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS)
  • overarching bodies who regulate the industry or lobby decision makers on behalf of the industry
  • professional bodies who provide professional support to particularly industry skill sets
  • supply chain companies who provide ancillary services

The Scoping Study report has now been published (March 2010) and is available to download.  If you have any comments on the Study please email them to  Your comments would be more than welcome.

Further information on the project is available on the main Capturing the Energy website and also the Aberdeen University Oil & Gas Archive home page.