Glasgow University Archive Services is committed to providing a variety of work experience opportunities and to enabling a positive experience for all our volunteers. 

Our volunteer management policy (4 pages, 103kb‌, pdf) sets out this commitment. 

We provide internships for University of Glasgow Students via the Club21 programme.  Find out more:

The Internship Hub

Examples of work placement projects 

Glasgow University's Great War Project

Madeleine French - South African WW1 Alumni (film) (History)

Bethany Garry - WW1 Alumni and the Necropolis (film) (History, Spanish and Religious Studies)

International Story

Cristina Chiran - Romania (film) (MA Digital Media & Information Studies)

Xinyang Yu - China (film) (MSc Media Management)

List of contributors to date.

Stoddard-Templeton Archive Cataloguing Project

Zoe Coleman - The 1931 Persian Art exhibition and its Templton legacy (1 page, 3.75mb‌, pdf) (History of Art)

House of Fraser Archive Project

Caitlin Barry (1 page, 750kb,‌ pdf) (History of Art)

Brooke Martin (1 page, 1.22mb,‌ pdf) (History of Art)

Preservation and Conservation Projects 

Andreea Duma‌ - The Silver Gelatin Process (1 page, 663kb,‌ pdf) (Technical Art History)

Brittany JohnstonThe Robertson Family Ambrotype Photographs  (1 page, 1.4mb,‌ pdf) (Technical Art History)

Claire RichardsArchitectural Plans  (1 page, 1.53mb,‌ pdf) (History of Art)

Kimberly Frost - Sir Gilbert Scott's Architecture: A Victorian Vision on Paper (1 page, 1.37mb,‌ pdf) (History of Art)

Kacper Kuznicki - The Blackhouse Charters Conservation Programme: Parchment Preservation (1 page, 2.3mb,‌ pdf) (History of Art) 

Raquel Mendez‌ - Analysis and Basic Conservation Treatment of Glass Plate Negatives (1 page, 838kb,‌ pdf) (Technical Art History)

Seonaid Rogers - Conservation Analysis and Basic Conservation Treatment of Wax Seals (1 page, 11.3mb,‌ pdf) (History of Art)