Our performance

In support of the University Strategy for Glasgow 2020 - A Global Vision, we have the following broad aims:

  • To develop and enable the provision of an accessible and standards compliant space that displays a sense of pride in the heritage of the University, the City and the Nation.
  • To continually strive to develop a portfolio of high quality services that are responsive to the research and information needs of the University and the wider stakeholder community.
  • To enable the maintenance and development of an internationally significant resource to meet the needs of the University and the wide stakeholder community.
  • To maintain and enhance our reputation in the profession as a leading Scottish archive service provider and to ensure that a quality service image is conveyed to stakeholders.
  • To operate as effectively and efficiently as possible, embracing innovation and creative service development to the benefit of the University and the wider stakeholder community.

To deliver this we have annual plans at department and section level.  The results of these planning processes are published annually.