STEM in 10 - Undergraduate Taster Lecture Series

The College of Science & Engineering’s learning and teaching activity is designed to give a flavour of that inspiring learning delivered by our world changing academic staff here at our STEM in 10 taster lectures.

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STEM in 10 Undergraduate Taster Lecture Series: Episode 1

Dr Matthew Barr takes you through some interesting research on how players are effected by playing video games.

STEM in 10 Undergraduate Taster Lecture Series: Episode 2

Dr Sophie Renner from the School of Physics and Astronomy, explains about fascinating tiny particles called neutrinos. 

STEMin10 undergrad taster Lecture Series: Episode 3

You may have heard about quantum in sci-fi films, now find out quantum technologies in the real world! Dr Rair Macêdo weaves us through this introduction to quantum technologies in the next episode of STEMin10.

STEM in 10 - Statistics

How can statistics influence environmental issues? Dr Craig Anderson takes us through how statistics has helped to improve air quality in Scotland, including the Low Emission Zone in Glasgow!

STEM in 10 - Engineering design

Evolution takes millions of years to solve complex problems, we dont have that long to tackle the problems that earth is facing instead we've got to find a way to shortcut this process. Dr Stuart Grey from the James Watt School of Engineering explains how we can do this.

STEM in 10 - Mathematics

Footballs, flowers and molecules have a hidden connection. Let Dr. Anna Puskas guide you through symmetries in nature in her STEM in 10 mathematical taster lecture!

STEM in 10 - Computing Science

Social, economic and contact networks are all vulnerable to contagion. Let Dr Jess Enright from the School of Computing Science tell you how to use algorithms to defend them against infection in her STEM in 10 computing science lecture on the firefighting game. 

STEM in 10 - Engineering

Did you know that if your mobile phones were built in the 1930s, they’d probably be a similar size to the Empire State Building or bigger? Dr Rair Macêdo explains all about transistors, an electronic revolution. 

STEM in 10 - Geographical & Earth Sciences

Explore how the earth became our habitable world we see and live on today with Dr Luke Daly from the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences.