College directory

College directory

Undergraduate and postgraduate enquiries:
Tel: +44 (0)141 330 7478

Head of College Office:
Tel: +44 (0)141 330 7458/7486

If you are calling externally, please use the prefix +44 (0) 141 330.

Head of College Professor Muffy Calder 4462
Director of College Professional Services Dr Neil Bowering 7567

Support for College Management Team

PA to VP and Head of College (Wed, Thurs, Fri) Mrs Evelyn Love: 7486
PA to VP and Head of College (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) Mrs Jacqueline Ross: 7458

Heads of School

Chemistry Professor Graeme Cooke 5500
Computing Science Professor Chris Johnson 6053
Engineering Professor David Cumming 5858
Geographical and Earth Sciences Professor Martin Lee 8285
Mathematics and Statistics Professor Ian Strachan 4046
Physics and Astronomy Professor Martin Hendry 5685
Psychology Professor Philippe Schyns/Professor Stephany Biello 4937/3625
SUERC Professor Fin Stuart 01355 270133


Graduate Studies Professor Stefan Hild 3636
Learning & Teaching Professor John Davies 4115
Research Professor Chris Pearce 5207

Research Directors

School of Chemistry Professor Peter Skabara 1762
School of Computing Science Professor Simon Gay 6035
School of Engineering Professor Nikolaj Gadegaard 5243
School of Geographical and Earth Sciences Professor Jaime Toney 6864
School of Mathematics and Statistics Professor Marian Scott 5125 
School of Physics and Astronomy Professor David Ireland 2223


College Internationalisation Contact Mrs Lynn Esson 4374

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

College Quality Officer Dr Helen Purchase 4484


Head of Finance Mrs Elizabeth Graham 3272
Research Accountant Mr Drew Beaton 7743
Senior Financial Analyst Ms Pamela Spellacy 2977
Financial Analyst Mrs Nina Douglas 6467 
Procurement Officer Mr Stephen Otiende 4012

Human Resources

Head of Human Resources Simon Wilson 2720
Senior HR Advisor Angela Loy 4269
Human Resources Adviser: Case Work Angela Loy 4269
Human Resources Assistant: Visas/working permissions/general enquiries Catriona Blair 7483
Human Resources Assistant
Stephanie Duffy 7506
Local Recruitment Coordinator Rebecca Vint 3570
Local Recruitment Coordinator Peter Blythe 3082
Human Resources General Enquiries 7483
CORE: for general enquiries please contact CORE Systems team  -
ECDP/Academic Probation: general enquiries/guidance/assistance  -
P&DR online module: please direct enquiries to HR System Support  -

Learning and Teaching

Head of Academic and Student Administration Mrs Pat Duncan 4362
Graduate School Manager Ms Heather Lambie 4338
Recruitment Conversion and Marketing Manager Miss Katherine Henderson 7479
Administrative Officer Mrs Jacqueline Hejazian 7093
Office Manager (Mon-Wed) Mrs Fiona Lees 8742
Office Manager (Wed-Fri) Mrs Caroline Finlayson 8742
Secretary Miss Lisa Sage 7478
Secretary Ms Cara Gaffney 2771
Secretary Ms Isabel Lightbody 7312


Business Development Manager - Research Mrs Lynne McCorriston 2731
Research Development Manager Dr Linsey Robertson 6972
Research Development Manager Mr David Nisbet 6055
Impact Officer Dr Elaine Hunter 5594
Impact Support Dr Paula Sweeten  
Research Operations Manager Helen Harkness 8164
Senior Project Coordinator Kate Haig 2729
Project Coordinator Sofia Apollonov 1773
Project Coordinator Andrew Wilson 3720
Project Coordinator Callum Knox 7642
Project Coordinator Jacqueline Heuchan 3369
Project Coordinator  Derek Motherwell 3283
Assistant Project Coordinator Catriona Syme 7468
Project Coordinator allocation can be found here Academic List to PC allocation  
Research Support Administrator - Engineering Karen Docherty 6991
Research Support Administrator - Chemistry and P&A Lesley McGown 3033
Research Support Administrator - Computing Science, GES and Maths & Stats Kris Paisley 3207
EPSRC IAA Project Manager Mr Keith Dingwall 4752
IAA KE Associate - Healthcare & Industrial Healthcare Dr Caroline Hogarth 1726
IAA KE Associate - Semiconductors Ms Kirsty Annand 3320
IAA KE Associate - 5G Dr Ahmed Zoha 1729