College directory

Undergraduate and postgraduate enquiries

Tel: +44 (0)141 330 7478

Head of College Office

Tel: +44 (0)141 330 7458/7486

If you are calling externally, please use the prefix +44 (0) 141 330.

Head of College

Professor Dame Muffy Calder


Muffy Calder

Interim Director of College Professional Services

Mr Billy Howie


Support for College Management Team

PA to VP and Head of College (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs Evelyn McDonald:


PA to VP and Head of College (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Mairi McIntosh:


Project Officer (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Louise Macmaster


Project Officer

Stephanie Watt



Heads of School


Professor Justin Hargreaves


 Justin Hargreaves square photo

Computing Science

Professor Simon Gay




Professor Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez


Geographical & Earth Sciences

Professor Todd A. Ehlers



Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Nigel Mottram


Photo of Prof. Nigel Mottram

Physics and Astronomy

Professor Dave Ireland


Professor David Ireland 


Professor Fin Stuart

01355 270133

 Fin Stuart



Graduate Studies

Professor Muhammad Imran



Dr Cristina Persano


Learning & Teaching

Professor Stephany Biello


Stephany Biello


Professor Margaret Lucas


Prof Margaret Lucas

Research Directors

School of Chemistry

Professor Andrew Sutherland


Andrew Sutherland

School of Computing Science

Professor Craig MacDonald



School of Engineering

Professor Nikolaj Gadegaard


Nikolaj Gadegaard

School of Geographical & Earth Sciences

Dr Richard Williams


School of Mathematics & Statistics

Professor Michael Wemyss



School of Physics & Astronomy

Professor Daniele Faccio




Dr Douglas Morrison 0134   Douglas Morrison


CoSE Impact Contacts

College Academic Roles

College Quality Officer

Dr Kelum Gamage

Chief Adviser for Science

Dr Peter Sneddon

Chief Adviser for Engineering

Dr Dougie Thomson

Our teams


Head of Finance

Mrs Elizabeth Graham


Elizabeth Graham


Research Accountant

Mr Drew Beaton


Drew Beaton

Financial Analyst

Ms Pamela Spellacy


Pamela Spellacy

Senior Financial Analyst

Mr Ross McDonald


Procurement Officer

Mr Stephen Otiende



Human Resources

Head of People & Organisational Development (Science & Engineering)

Business Partner to School of Chemistry

Mhairi Docherty



Senior HR Business Partner

Business Partner to James Watt School of Engineering

Angela Loy



Senior HR Business Partner

Business Partner to School of Computing Science, Mathematics & Statistics and College Office

Leilah Beattie


HR Adviser

Business Partner to School of Geographical & Earth Science

Janine McGregor


Assistant HR Adviser

Business Partner to School of Physics & Astronomy and SUERC

Stephanie Duffy



HR Assistant

Yvonne Coull



HR Assistant

Emma Jamieson



Local Resourcing Coordinator

Peter Blyth


Peter Blyth

Local Resourcing Coordinator

Maria Turowska


Local Resourcing Coordinator

Jennifer Smith


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Lydia Bach


HR General Enquiries

POD Helpdesk



ECDP/Academic Probation/P&DR:
general enquiries/guidance/assistance

POD Helpdesk





College International Dean

Cristina Persano

Head of Student and Academic Services Katherine Henderson Katherine Henderson 

Research Support

Head of College Research Support

Helen Harkness

Helen Harkness


Research Development

Research and Business Development Manager

Mrs Lynne McCorriston

Lynne McCorriston 

Research Administrator

Maryam Morel


Research Development Manager

Dr Linsey Robertson


Research Development Manager

Mr David Nisbet


Research Development Manager

Dr Neil Findlay


Research Development Manager - Interdisciplinarity (joint with College of Social Sciences). 

Ms Suzanna Turner


Knowledge Exchange Associate

Dr Steffan Gwyn


Research Impact Officer

 Dr Calum Kirk





Impact and Innovation Manager

Mr Keith Dingwall

Keith Dingwall

IAA KE Associate (Healthcare &
Industrial Healthcare)

Dr Caroline Hogarth


KE Associate for Sustainability and Net Zero

David Hughes


IAA Digital Communications Officer

Maaike Siegerist


KE Associate

Dr Muhammad Ali Jamshed




Research Support & Project Coordinators

Research Support Manager

Meg MacDonald


Project Coordinator

Sofia Apollonov


Sofia Appolonov

Project Coordinator

Jacqueline Heuchan



Project Coordinator

Miss Ana Carneiro



Project Coordinator

Mr Stuart Marshall


Project Coordinator 

Derek Motherwell



Project Coordinator

Miss Lesley Arnold



Project Coordinator

Anca Quinn


Project Coordinator

Tom Staves


Project Coordinator

Dr Maria Alguero-Muniz


Project Coordinator

Catriona MacCallum


Project Coordinator

Jeanne Dayton


Research Support Administrator:

Karen Docherty



Research Support Administrator:
Chemistry and P&A

Lesley McGown



Research Support Administrator

Shannon Llewellyn


Research Support Administrator

Craig Mannion


Research Support Administrator

Sandra James


Research Support Administrator

Linda French


Research Support Administrator

Andrew Bruce


Research Support Administrator

Amina Choudary


Research Support Administrator

Merin John





Industry Engagement

Senior Industry Engagement Manager

David Pollock


Industry Engagement Manager

Anne-Mari Gillespie



Student and Academic Services

Head of Student and Academic Services Katherine Henderson Katherine Henderson 
Senior Learning Technology Developer Niall Barr  
Global Partnership Engagement Lead Vanessa Johnson  

Data Analyst

Split with Research Support

Diana Chitulescu  


Graduate School and DT Hub

CDT External Engagement Manager PIADS

Lisa Campbell


Deputy DT Hub Manager

Michelle Carmichael


CDT Coordinator SOCIAL and ISM

Jared de Bruin


Graduate School & Doctoral Training Hub Manager

Heather Lambie

Heather Lambie

Graduate School Support Administrator

Isabel Lightbody

Isobel Lightbody

Graduate School and DT Hub Event Coordinator

Monika Maitles


Graduate School Administrator

Maisie Mullings

CDT Coordinator FUSE Chris Roden  

Graduate School Support Administrator

Saskia Sieprath


Senior DT Hub Administrator

Aimee Soare


DT Hub Administrator 

Stuart Collie


Deputy Graduate School Manager

 Maria Vasileva




Recruitment and Conversion Marketing

Senior Recruitment and Conversion Marketing Officer Lucy Adams
Student Recruiment Coordinator (Engineering) Gerald Anderson
Recruitment and Conversion Marketing Manager  Fiona Dick
Employer Liaison Officer (Graduate Apprenticeships) Anna Doyle
Web Content Project Lead Kathleen Friel
Employer Liaison Officer (Graduate Apprenticeships) Claire Johnston
Digital Communications Officer Josie McKay
Events and Internationalisation Officer TBC



Student Operations

Student Retention and Success Lead  Greg Burgess  
Student Operations Manager Alison Devlin  
Student and Academic Support Officer Caroline Finlayson Caroline Finlayson
Student and Academic Services Administrator Rosemary McGovern  
Student Operations Coordinator Matt Wierzbicki  
CoSE Employability & Engagement Lead Lesley Grayburn  
Student & Academic Services Administrator Zheng Wang