Product Design Engineering

Product Design Engineering project work

Project work is a very important part of any engineering degree as it helps to prepare you for a graduate job in engineering. You will develop skills such as teamwork, problem solving and critical analysis and put what you have learned in the course modules to practical use. Many students find the project work of the degree the most rewarding and the most fun - you will be given the opportunity to both stretch and prove your knowledge on real-life problems.

Project work on the Product Design Engineering degree is split between the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. Throughout the course you will spend time on both campuses doing project work both on your own and with your colleagues.

Years 1 to 3

Although there are no standalone project courses in the first three years of either the BEng or MEng degrees, you will be required to work in groups as part of individual courses. Through collaboration on tutorial problems and via group work and presentations, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of best engineering practice for efficient group work, and develop these skills before embarking on larger projects in the later years of the degree.

Year 4 (and 5 for MEng students)

Project work in the later years of the course is undertaken via large-scale projects, both in groups and individually. You will be tested on your ability to apply mechanical engineering knowledge to a design problem, creating a solution to a real-life issue.