There will be two interactive workshops in ESCAMPIG 2018:

(a) Plasmas and Living Systems

including applications in plasma medicine, biocides, cell treatment, agriculture etc


(b) Plasmas in multi-phase media

including plasma dust, droplets, bubbles, liquid interfaces etc.


The format of each workshop will be as follows: a small number of brief introductory thematic talks will highlight outstanding research questions. After this short introduction, the audience will be invited to form break-out groups in order to debate these questions, and any other pertinent issues, before reassembling. The key goal is to engage as many delegates as possible in discussions about how progress may be best achieved in these areas. Each breakout group will have a convener, who will guide the conversation and help the group to explore the relevant discussion topics. Key points made in the breakout sessions will be captured electronically, and transmitted back to the reassembled workshop, where a brief overview of the collated points will be presented. A summarised version of this output will then be available as a feedback document which can be used for future reference, or indeed continued debate.


Output from Workshop 1: Unfiltered (but tidied a little..) responses from breakout groups can be found here (pdf donwload): workshop 1