Daily Feedback

The purpose of this feedback exercise is to help shape a collective view on the research presented in ESCAMPIG – it’s particularly important to hear from delegates who perhaps were not able to participate in the discussions during the proceedings. The responses to the electronic questionnaire will contribute towards shaping the forward vision of our subject.

For practical reasons, we must collect this information electronically, via a published web link (see below). We will present a summary of the outputs in the form of a short slide show (3 powerpoint slides with the summarised feedback on each of the topic areas) at the 08:45-09:00 slot at the start of Thursday, Friday and Saturday sessions, and repeated at break times. We will also try to provide a printed poster containing more detail to be displayed in the poster area.

There are 3 key themes for the feedback, which will help shape the analysis:

Impact:  what plasma results excited or impressed you today? It doesn’t matter if the most striking topic is one that is apparently well established: the value here is in the ‘wow’ factor.

Frontier: here we are looking for where research is being pushed to the limit, coming up against the limits of theory, observation or instrument performance. Where are the tantalising edges of the subject that if addressed, could help us make a leap in understanding?

Action: the ‘if only we could do xxx’ topic – what capacity (experimental, theoretical, observational) would be most beneficial to make a breakthrough, answering the ‘frontier’ type questions. Maybe it’s an experimental facility, maybe it’s the principle of a new cross-disciplinary collaboration, perhaps an area of mathematics or numerical work that, if cracked, could yield the sort of progress we need.

Feedback is now finished - thanks for all your contributions!

 Updated and collated research feedback from the conference forms. 

The daily and workshop feedback responses have been collated, and are available below. Only minor editing has been undertaken (removing typographical errors, and offering clarifications in italics where appropriate), so there may be duplication in points. Please feel free to download and digest.

Workshop 1 Feedback

Workshop 2 Feedback

Daily Feedback (July 25th)

Delegate comments about the conduct of the conference

Delegates were kind enough to comment on their conference experience: anonymised comments are given below.




Thanks for the nice ESCAMPIG conference!

LPP, France

I had a great and productive experience in Glasgow. Thank you very much for organising the conference.

Cordoba, Spain

Thanks for the great time in Glasgow.

LPP, France

Thank you very much for such a well organized, very enjoyable and fruitful conference - one of the very best I've attended

UMA, Portugal

Thanks a lot for your excellent organization of the conference. All was great! Your team and you are top-level organizers!

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia

I really enjoyed the conference and Scotland. Thank you for the organization.

Wigner Institute, Hungary

Thank you for all the effort going into the conference; I had a great time and found it very useful.

Oxford Instruments

May I express my gratitude to you and all the organisers for such perfectly conducted conference!

Curtin University, Australia

I take the opportunity to congratulate you and your team once more for the beautiful conference and nice organisation!

IST, Portugal

I had a wonderful conference. Thank you very much for this perfect organization

Aix Marseille University, France

thank you again for the nice conference last week,

Leibniz Institute, Germany

… thank you once more for the very good organization and the wonderful days I spent at Glasgow University during the conference.  The conference was a significant event for me, not only because of the high level of scientific discussions, but in special for the contact with the scientists at Glasgow.   Please, consider that I feel indebted to you and to your colleagues from the organizing committee for their effort.

National Institute for Lasers, Plasmas and Radiation Physics, Romania

Thanks once again for excellent organization and very welcoming spirit of the conference! I think it was once of the best organized conferences I've been to in the last few years.

Quantemol/UCL, UK

Thank you for the wonderful conference organization.

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Thanks again for organising a really nice meeting. I have heard plenty of positive comments

University of York, UK

Thank you for organizing the ESCAMPIG 2018. It was really nice conference

University of Tokyo, Japan

I would like to thank you again for the excellent Conference we had the opportunity to enjoy in Glasgow.

Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Many thanks for organizing the ESCAMPIG 2018. It was impressive. I have learnt a lot there.

Kasetsart University, Thailand

Thank you very much for this successful conference. It was very enriching for me

LPGP, France

On behalf of the ISC of ESCAMPIG, I would like to thank all the enormous work you had, as well as your LOC colleagues, in the preparation of ESCAMPIG 2018, which was a real success.
Over the last days, I have continuously received a very positive feed-back from a large number of delegates concerning the conference venue, the city of Glasgow, the excursions, conference dinner, etc...

University of Porto, Portugal

Thank you for hosting a terrific conference.  It was well organized and you and your associates were wonderful hosts.


thank you again for organizing this Conference, I had a very good and informative time here at glasgow.

University of Kiel, Germany