Poster Sessions

There will be two poster sessions in ESCAMPIG XXIV: Poster Session 1 is on Wed 18th July, 2-4pm, and Session 2 is Friday 20th July, 2-4pm.

Session 1 covers topics 1-5 inclusive, with the remaining topics in session 2 (though some tailoring to suit individual preferences has been allowed). Where there are multiple posters for the same presenting author, we have tried to ensure that they are grouped close together - please let us know if there is something we have overlooked.

Full poster details can be downloaded here: postersfinal


Lightning Poster Presentations

There is the opportunity for a small number of poster authors to present a short advert for their poster before lunch on Wed and Fri. The lightning presentation consists of a single powerpoint slide, and a maximum speaking time of 1 minute (60 seconds). If you would like to volunteer for one of these sessions, then please email the organizer with the subject line 'lightning session 1' or 'lightning session 2'. Please let us know as soon as possible: there are only about 10 presenters per session, so only the first 10 or so will be guaranteed a slot, and subsequent requests might not secure an opportunity.