There are additional events that may be of interest to delegates:

1. Tech-X workshop  Wed 13:30 - 14:15 

Jonathan Smith from Tech-X will provide a brief introduction to the principles and algorithms behind particle in cell. There will be a demonstration of the VSim software to kinetically model a low temperature capacatively coupled discharge plasma, and an opportunity to follow along on your own laptop and test problems of more interest to your own research. If you would like to follow along or try VSim yourself please contact Jonathan at to obtain a free temporary license and software download."

2. Visit to Strathclyde University Plasma Laboratory: Wed 17:45 rendezvous at Conference Reception Desk

The Strathclyde Plasma Physics group would welcome any delegate wishing to tour their new facilities in the city centre campus. Interested parties should sign up at the conference registration desk before 16:00 on Wed, so that numbers and identities are known in advance.

3. Rare and historical manuscripts and photograhs, University Library, Special Collections,  Level 12 Henry Heaney Room  Friday, 12:00 - 14:00

A collection of rare and unusual documents relevant to electricity, plasmas and spectroscopy, dating from 1709 to 1951, and encompassing Francis Hauksbee, Benjamin Franklin and Lord Kelvin.

4. Discounted books at the University Bookshop  throughout the week

John Smith's bookshop on campus has arranged a 10% discount for books relevant to plasmas during the conference; the same discount will apply to any other items purchased at the same time in the bookshop (unless they are already discounted).

5. Discounted Meals at Browns Restaurant, city centre thoughout the conference

Browns restaurant is very close to the City Chambers, and have offered a 20% discount on their a la carte menu for delegates, on the Tuesday evening (after the reception), and for the duration of the conference. Please see the map in the conference guide book for details. You will need to prove that you are part of the conference, so please don't forget your badge!