Our Staff

We are a team of 21 qualified English Language Teachers who specialise in teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP). 


EAS is jointly managed by:

Anneli Williams (EAP Manager for Pre-sessional and In-sessional English)

Dr Carole MacDiarmid (EAP Manager for Teacher Development, TESOL Programmes and TEAP online)

Our team includes:

Neil Allison (Course Convenor Academic Skills for Law, Pre-sessional (March-May) and Summer Pre-sessional Bridging Course: Law)

Richard (Ted) Colclough (EAP teacher)

Adam Donnelly (Course Convenor Summer Pre-sessional (June- July))

Rachel Elmslie (Co-convenor Summer Pre-sessional Bridging Course: Accounting and Finance)

Sofia Di Giallonardo (Course Convenor Pre-sessional Sept to March and Summer Pre-sessional Bridging Course: Urban Studies)

Brían Doonan (Course Convenor Pre-sessional June to August; TESOL Honours)

Riccardo Galgani (Course Convenor for Advancing English for Business and Summer Pre-sessional Bridging Course: Social Science, Education & Humanities; ASBS liaison)

Graeme Givan (Course Convenor Summer Pre-sessional Bridging Course: Science, Engineering, and Technology)

Dr Ide Haghi (TESOL/TEAP/EAP teacher)

Jolanta Hudson (Course Convenor EAP 1 for visiting & exchange students, TELT Officer for SMLC)

Kathryn Irwin (Course Convenor Summer Pre-sessional Bridging Course Pre-Masters/Pre-Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences)

Siriol Lewis (EAP teacher and Language Assessment Coordinator)

Kinga Maior (EAP teacher)

Aneta Marren (Course Convenor TESOL Classroom Processes)

Vanessa McDonagh (Course Convenor TESOL Developing Professional Practice and Course Convenor for Summer Pre-sessional Bridging Course: Pre-Masters in Management)

Bob Morrison (EAP teacher)

Helen Oakes (Coordinator for English for Study & Communication workshops and Summer Pre-sessional Bridging Course: Accounting & Finance)

Marcus Szilagyi (EAP teacher)

Iwona Winiarska-Pringle (Course Convenor EAP 2 for visiting & exchange students)