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Follow us on Social Media

The School of Humanities has a profile on a number of social media platforms:

If you have an upcoming event/campaign please send details to Christelle.LeRiguer@glasgow.ac.uk and she will share the details on the School platforms.

Social Media Guidelines

These guidelines will help you set up and maintain your channels and collectively build on the ‘UofG’ brand:

All social media channels in the School of Humanities

How can I update my staff profile page?

Before you can manage and update your profile, there are a few simple steps to complete:

Please note:

How do I set up a webpage for my research project/group? 

Please contact the School web editor with the relevant information and images.  Even if your project has an external website/blog/other, we want to include at least a paragraph and a link on the School website, so please email the School web editor with details.

You may find guidance on creating web content from the Communications Office which has created a series of tools and guidance that can help you to:

  • understand how web users read online
  • streamline your pages so that users can find what they need
  • create copy that users will want to read
  • make sure that your pages are consistent with the University’s brand and tone of voice.

Setting up and maintaining a blog

How do I suggest a news story?

If you have a story to suggest for the School news page, please email the School Web Editor including the following details:

Must include

  • Headline
  • Summary - one or two sentences
  • Full story or event details - between one and five paragraphs
  • Relevant Subject area(s) - so the item can be posted on the Subject page(s) as well as the School page, if appropriate

Optional but recommended:

  • images
  • links
  • who to contact for info

If you wish to include a picture alongside the headline and summary (like here) then this must be 158x113 px (the School Web Editor can crop and resize images if needed). The School Web Editor will let you know when the item will go online. Please note it may take a few days to get your story online.

Wider publicity

You can also submit news stories for inclusion on the main University news page. Find relevant contact details in the footer of that page.

How can I promote my event?

The School events calendar is run through Google Calendar.

If you have a School-related event to promote then please email the School Web Editor including the following details:

  • Event title
  • Date, time and venue
  • Event details
  • Who to contact for more info
  • Subject Area (if none is specified it will be added as a School-wide event)

Thanks to the Google Calendar functionality, School events automatically appear on the College of Arts'google calendar too, so there's no need to contact them separately.

Wider publicity

  • University: If you wish you are welcome to submit your event for inclusion on the main University events page via the 'Submit an event' link at the bottom of that page.
  • College: 'What's on in the College of Arts': send details of any public facing events to arts-events@glasgow.ac.uk.  A fortnighly email is sent to all newsletter subscribers . Activities that aren’t open to the public can also be sent, and will be included in the internal weekly listings.