University Systems

HR: Core

The HR Self Service Portal allows people access to their personal details and, if applicable, pay details. It is a web supported system and is accessible 24/7.  All users of the system have a responsibility to ensure personal data is correct and up to date to comply with Data Protection Legislation.   Through employee self-service you can access your personal data, view on-line pay slips, update bank account details and submit leave requests.  

You will be able to access the system via MyGlasgow, the HR website and the business systems webpage.  It is web-based, available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere.

You can use the new system to request annual leave as well as other types of leave e.g. maternity, adoption etc.  A list of leave types available are detailed in the “create new leave request” screen in MyCoreTime.

To ensure that your data remains secure please ensure:

1.   Your GUID and password are known only by you and are not shared with anyone;
2.   You don’t leave the application open and your PC unlocked when your PC is unattended;3.   You end your session once finished so that no-one else can access it on the PC you were using.  To do this you must either:

  • Log out by pressing the “logout” link on the application window, or
  • Close ALL open internet browser windows.

Finance: Agresso

Agresso is the University of Glasgow's central finance system. It is administered, maintained and developed by the Finance Office.