Annual Leave

The leave year operates from 1 January to 31 December. Leave entitlement accrues at the rate of 1/365th per calendar day to reflect service within the leave year.

Leave entitlement for part-time/term-time staff, including public holidays and ‘other days’, will be proportionate to their contracted working hours.

Leave can be taken according to operational needs when approved by the line manager.

Other than exceptional circumstances, Annual Leave will not normally be approved during peak times of the year and dialogue should occur  before requests are submitted and any bookings made.

In addition to the annual leave entitlement, there are nine days designated as Public Holidays. Staff working part-time hours are entitled to pro-rated time off. Details of the public holidays can be found online.

Requests for leave or time away from the University e.g. annual leave, jury duty attendance, conference attendance, etc is devolved by Head of School to Subject Heads for management at Subject level:

  1. All requests for annual leave will be submitted through the Core, using your GUID and password.
  2. Members of staff should request annual leave through the self service function within the system.
  3. Self-service requests for annual leave will then be authorised by the relevant Line Manager.




Please always choose these two approvers unless otherwise instructed, and remember that we are not always immediately available to authorise – so do get your timesheet in as early as possible.  You should all have your bank details logged in to the system.


GUID (Glasgow Unique Identifier)

Your GUID (sometimes referred to as your username) originates from your entry in the Human Resources staff database and your password is known only to you.  Your registered GUID will reduce the number of user-ids and passwords you have to remember. You can find your GUID and associated password by following the registration instructions on the IT Services webpage.

Note: even if you already know your GUID you may need to register to access a GUID service.

Your GUID will give you access to many of the University IT services such as Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment), HR/Payroll Self Service (CORE), MyCampus (student/teaching information), Library e-journals

HR Core

The HR Self Service Portal allows people access to their personal details and, if applicable, pay details. It is a web supported system and is accessible 24/7. All users of the system have a responsibility to ensure personal data is correct and up to date to comply with Data Protection Legislation. Through employee self-service you can access your personal data, view on-line pay slips, update bank account details and submit leave requests.

You will be able to access the system via MyGlasgow, the HR website and the business systems webpage. It is web-based, available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere.

You can use Core to request annual leave as well as other types of leave e.g. maternity, adoption etc should be made using the new system with immediate effect. A list of leave types available are detailed in the “create new leave request” screen in MyCoreTime.

Online help for using Employee Self Service is available on the training page of the HR/Payroll Project website.

To ensure that your data remains secure please ensure:

1. Your GUID and password are known only by you and are not shared with anyone;
2. You don’t leave the application open and your PC unlocked when your PC is unattended;
3. You end your session once finished so that no-one else can access it on the PC you were using. To do this you must either:

◾ Log out by pressing the “logout” link on the application window, or
◾ Close ALL open internet browser windows.

New or replacement posts

The recruitment of new or replacement posts on both internal and externally funded projects is administered by Patricia MacLaren, the School HR Administrator ( All enquiries regarding the administration of new and replacement posts should be directed to Patricia who can assist with the pre-approval administrative process and provide guidance regarding HR procedures.

Other recruitment issues

Changes of contracts for existing employees

Budget-holders should contact Jenny Hutcheson, the Head of School Administration for any changes to existing members of staff (i.e. changes to funding sources, FTE workloads on projects etc).

Any queries on the above in relation to policy or budgetary implications should be directed to the Head of School Administration.


The employment of graduate teaching assistants is administered centrally, with an assumption that Heads of Subject are actively attempting to widen their pool of graduate teaching assistants in order to increase vocational opportunities.

Honorary and Affiliate staff

The appointment of Honorary and Affiliate staff is administered centrally, following the normal process of approval by Head of School.


Staff should follow the following process in relation to sickness absence:

    1. Ensure that your line manager (normally Head of Subject) is notified within 1 hour of your normal start time and to inform them of the likely duration of the absence.
    2. Teaching Support Administrators should also be informed to ensure that any necessary adjustments are made to teaching commitments.
    3. Teaching Support Administrators will continue to forward a monthly sickness absence return to the Operations Administrator to ensure this data is reported onto the HR system.
    4. Line managers should complete a return to work interview as part of the process above.

Staff cards

The staff identity card can be used to gain access to the University Library and the University Sport & Recreation Service.

Members of staff requiring a new or replacement identity card should go to the Library Membership desk. You will be required to provide Library staff with confirmation of your staff number, however, if you require assistance with this information please contact Patricia MacLaren on ext 3637.

Please note that the hours for the printing out of staff cards at the Library are 9:30 to 16:30 (Monday to Friday) and 1.30pm to 4.30pm (Saturday and Sunday during Semester - Saturday only during vacation).