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MAP workshop 2019

Glasgow MAP Workshop 2019

Mon, 15 Apr 2019 14:27:00 BST

11-12 April 2019


Older News and Events

  • Conference: Northern Association for Ancient Philosophy 2012
    31st March-1st April, Philosophy, University of Glasgow
    Dorothea Frede: "The determinacy of human nature in the Nicomachean Ethics",
    Sir Geoffrey Lloyd: "Phusis in the Hippocratic Corpus",
    Peter Adamson: "Relativizing Aristotle's Physics: al-Razi on Place and Time",
    George Boys-Stone: “‘The Second God is Also a Third One’: Numenius on the Soul”.
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  • Grounding and Modality: Workshop on Saturday 23 April 2011
    Caird Room, Philosophy, 69 Oakfield Avenue, University of Glasgow
    10:30 – 12:15: Stephan Leuenberger (University of Glasgow), "Supervenience for Classes of Relations"
    1:30 – 3:15: Fabrice Correia (Université de Genève), "Metaphysical Grounds and Essence"
    3:45 – 5:30: Sonia Roca Royes (University of Stirling), "Conflation, primitive modality and the Humean intuition"
  • Emotion and Perception Workshop
    A workshop on Emotion and Perception took place at the University of Glasgow on 29-30 October 2010.


    David Bain (Glasgow)
    Michael Brady (Glasgow)
    Richard King (Glasgow)
    Fiona Macpherson (Glasgow)
    Matthew Nudds (Edinburgh)
    Bill Brewer (Warwick)
    Alex Byrne (MIT)
    Peter Goldie (Manchester)
    Mark Kalderon (UCL)
    Michael Nylan (Berkeley)
  • Aristotle's Lagoon
    On Sunday 17 January BBC4 broadcast Aristotle's Lagoon, a documentary about Aristotle's biology. The programme was co-written by the department's resident Aristotelian . It will be available to watch on the BBC iPlayer for a week after any repeat broadcasts.

  • Stephan Leuenberger

    One of our staff, Dr. Stephan Leuenberger, has won a prestigious award, the Lauener Foundation Prize for Up-and-Coming Philosophers. See the organisation’s website for further details.

    The award was presented to him on 3rd September 2009 in Geneva, although the Toblerone was later eaten by Professor Alan Weir.

    Many congratulations to Stephan.
  • National Student Survey 2009
    The Department took fifth place in the most recent UK-wide National Student Survey, achieving a 95% satisfaction score.  This exceeds both the University of Glasgow average of 90% and the Scottish HEI average of 86%.

    The Department also scored highly in other key areas, notably staff performance, course interest and feedback for assessments.

    QuestionDepartmental scoreUniversity averageScottish HEI average
    Staff are good at explaining things. 95 93 90
    Staff have made the subject interesting. 87 87 82
    Staff are enthusiastic about what they are teaching. 95 91 85
    The course is intellectually stimulating. 93 91 85
    Assessment arrangements and marking have been fair. 88 79 76
    I have received detailed comments on my work. 85 57 55
    The course is well organised and is running smoothly. 86 78 73
    Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course. 95 90 86


  • RAE 2008 Results
    In the latest 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise, the profile for the Philosophy Department at Glasgow was:

      4*   3*   2*   1* Unclassified 
    5% 50% 45% 0% 0% 

    4* is defined as ‘world-leading’, 3* as ‘internationally excellent’, 2* as ‘recognised internationally’ and 1* as   ‘recognised nationally’.

    That means Glasgow has risen substantially in the ranking from the last exercise. The majority of Glasgow’s research was rated as ‘internationally excellent’ and indeed we were one of only 5 UK departments to be rated at international standard in all areas, with nothing rated below 2*.
  • Forum for Philosophy and Religion. The Department is playing host to the new Centre for Philosophy and Religion, the mission of which is to draw attention to and support innovative research undertaken by scholars who employ the tools and methods of analytic philosophy to study religious ideas. Any enquiries about the Centre can be directed to its director, Dr Victoria Harrison