2019 Glasgow Graduate Conference in Epistemology and Mind (GEM)

2019 Glasgow Graduate Conference in Epistemology and Mind (GEM)

Issued: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 13:50:00 GMT

The University of Glasgow will be hosting the inaugural edition of the Glasgow Graduate Conference in Epistemology and Mind on May 13th-14th 2019. The conference will bring together early career researchers in epistemology and philosophy of mind (broadly construed) with the aims of fostering collaborations, exchanges of ideas, and cutting-edge research within these subdisciplines and at their intersection.

Epistemology and philosophy of mind are thriving in Glasgow. It is home to the Cogito epistemology research group, a strong research cluster in affective experiences including emotions, pain, and suffering, and the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience

The GEM will consist of eight graduate students talks (four in epistemology and four in philosophy of mind) and two keynote talks.

We are very excited to announce this year’s keynote speakers:

  • Professor Berit Brogaard (University of Miami)
  • Professor Peter Graham (University of California Riverside

Call for Papers

Applicants are invited to submit fully anonymised papers (max. 6000 words), accompanied by an extended abstract (approx. 500 words) and a cover page to mona.simion@glasgow.ac.uk.

Deadline for submissions: 15 February 2019.

All submissions will be triple-blind refereed. You can expect to hear back from us by March 30th.

Graduate speakers will have 40 minutes to present their paper. All talks will be followed by a response from a member of Glasgow’s faculty who specializes in mind or epistemology.

Confirmed Available Respondents:

  • Dr. David Bain
  • Professor Michael Brady
  • Dr. Derek Brown
  • Dr. J. Adam Carter
  • Dr. Jennifer Corns
  • Dr. Robert Cowan
  • Dr. Christoph Kelp
  • Professor Fiona Macpherson
  • Dr. Mona SImion

We will provide hotel accommodation, lunches, and conference dinner for all graduate speakers, with three full bursaries available (including travel costs at EU/UK rate):

  1. The COGITO Social Epistemology Graduate Bursary will be awarded for the best paper in social epistemology.
  2. The Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience Graduate Bursary will be awarded for the best paper in the philosophy of perception.
  3. The Glasgow Philosophy Graduate Bursary will be awarded for a paper of exceptional quality in either mind or epistemology.

Additional funds are available to cover the cost of childcare for speakers and attendees during the conference.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • the metaphysics and epistemology of perception
  • epistemic normativity and value
  • social epistemology
  • virtue epistemology
  • internalism/externalism about epistemic justification
  • knowledge first epistemology
  • analysis of knowledge and justification
  • the epistemic role of the emotions
  • the nature and role of affect
  • mental qualities
  • intentional content
  • imagination
  • philosophy of cognitive science
  • mental taxonomy
  • metaphysics of mind

We especially encourage submissions from members of underrepresented groups in philosophy, papers working at the intersection of epistemology and mind, and papers that are aimed at a general philosophical audience.


  • Faculty: Dr. Jennifer Corns, Dr. Mona Simion
  • Graduate Students: Joachim Giannotti, Eilidh Harrison

This conference is generously sponsored by the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, the Cogito Epistemology Research Group, Glasgow Philosophy, the Mind Association, the Scots Philosophical Association.

For more information, contact Jennifer Corns (Jennifer.corns@glasgow.ac.uk) or Mona Simion (mona.simion@glasgow.ac.uk)