Glasgow MAP Workshop 2019

Members of minorities, here broadly understood, are subjected to systematic forms of violence at the personal as well as institutional level. Recently unveiled cases of sexual abuses against women and members of the LGBTQ+community in diverse contexts, the rise of hate speech from nationalist movements, and the increasing popularity of publicly discriminatory politicians in western democracies are only some of many instances that make analysing the issues urgent and necessary.

It appears that violence against minorities, whatever form it takes, has a discriminatory role: it aims to preserve a difference between “us” and “them”—namely, between targeted minorities and those who do not belong to them. Such a discriminatory role is meant to affirm and reiterate power structures that are in place with the purpose of differentiating between the violence perpetrators and those who are targeted.

The MAP 2019 Workshop aims to address two dimensions concerning these topics: one regards the philosophical approaches that analyse violence and discrimination as experienced by minorities, the other focuses on the challenges that violence and discrimination pose to academic philosophy.

The MAP 2019 Workshop is generously is sponsored by The Mind Association and the Scots Philosophical Association

MAP workshop 2019: programme

poster: logos and information about the project with the title us and them: violence, discrimination and minorities. most of the poster is a painting of a black and a white bull fighting, with other colourful bulls to the right watching

First published: 15 April 2019