Postgraduate taught 

Ecology & Environmental Biology MRes

Academic staff

Academic staff

Adams, Prof Colin (Professor of Freshwater Ecology; ecological speciation; conservation biology of fishes)

Bailey, Dr David (Senior Lecturer; marine ecosystem conservation and physiology of marine fishes)

Biek, Dr Roman (Lecturer; virus phylodynamics; spatial genetics of hosts and pathogens; ecology and genetics of vector borne diseases in wildlife; conservation genetics)

Cleaveland, Prof Sarah (Professor of Comparative Epidemiology; wildlife disease ecology; one health approaches to understanding zoonotic diseases; role of human social interactions in disease transmission and control)

Elmer, Dr Kathryn (Lecturer; ecological speciation and adaptive radiations in fishes and amphibians; genomics of adaptation)

Ferguson, Dr Heather (Lecturer in Vector Biology; ecology of insect vectors involved in human and animal diseases; community and population ecology)

 Hampson, Dr Katie (Wellcome Trust Advanced Research Fellow; rabies transmission dynamics and control in human and animal populations; surveillance systems for monitoring rabies spread)

Haydon, Prof Daniel (Director of Institute; stability and complexity theory; community ecology; wildlife epidemiology; animal movement)

Helm, Dr Barbara (Lecturer; chronobiology of birds; environmental influences on circadian adaptation) 

Hopcraft, Dr Grant (LKAS Research Fellow; theoretical and empirical studies of animal movement and migration; ecophysiology of ungulates)

Johnson, Dr Paul (Research Fellow; population genetics; statistical genetics; pathogen genomics)

Killen, Dr Shaun (NERC Advanced Research Fellow; physiology and behavioural ecology of marine and freshwater fishes; ecological relevance of life-history tradeoffs)

Lindström, Dr Jan (Senior Lecturer; behavioural ecology; theoretical ecology; games theory)

Mable, Dr Barbara (Reader; evolutionary genetics of plants and animals; evolutionary dynamics of complex gene families; evolution of polyploidy; mating system evolution; conservation genetics)

Macleod, Dr Ross (Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Fellow; population dynamics and life history of birds in changing environments)

Matthiopoulos, Prof Jason (Professor of Spatial and Population Ecology; analysis of animal movement; marine population dynamics; mathematical modelling of population distributions, habitat choice and complex interactions)

McCafferty, Dr Dominic (Senior Lecturer; thermal biology)

Mckeegan, Dr Dorothy (Senior Lecturer; applied animal welfare)

Metcalfe, Prof Neil (Professor of Behavioural Ecology; life history strategies in birds and fishes;  ecophysiology; role of oxidative stress in mediating life history strategies; recipient of an ERC Advanced Grant in 2013)

Monaghan, Prof Pat (Appointed Regius Chair of Zoology in 2012; life history strategies in birds; longevity and adaptation in birds in changing environments; received ERC advanced research grant in 2011)

Nager, Dr Ruedi (Senior Lecturer; ecology and life history strategies of birds; reproductive biology of birds)

Page, Prof Roderic (Professor of Taxonomy; host-parasite co-evolution; systematics; phyloinformatics)

Parsons, Dr Kevin (Lecturer in Marine and Freshwater Biology; evolution and development; ecological speciation in fishes; ecological genomics)

Reeve, Dr Richard (Research Fellow; mathematical modelling; novel mathematical approaches to measuring biodiversity and assessing vaccination strategies in viruses)

Robinson, Dr Jane (Reader; reproductive physiology; endocrinology)

Selman, Prof Colin (Professor of Biogerontology; chronobiology of mammals; mechanisms underlying ageing in mammals)

Honorary Bean, Dr Colin (Honorary Researcher, SNH; conservation ecology)

Downie, Prof Roger (Retired Professor; amphibian conservation and ecology)

Hancock, Mr Geoff (Insect Curator, Hunterian Museum; insect taxonomy and systematics)

Putman, Prof Rory (Visiting Honorary Professor; Independent Deer Consultancy; ecological dynamics of ungulates)

Yeomans, Dr William (Honorary Lecturer; Clyde River Foundation; river ecosystem ecology and conservation)