Adjusted Entry Requirements and Contextual Admissions

The University of Glasgow is committed to widening access. We believe all applicants should have an equal chance of entry and we strive to identify talent and potential, regardless of background or life circumstance. To enable this, we operate a system of contextualised admissions for applicants living in Scotland. This means we consider all circumstances faced by individual applicants, which may have prevented them meeting our standard entry requirements and make adjusted offers of entry accordingly.

Widening participation applicants

Applicants who are GUARANTEED an adjusted offer are those who can meet the adjusted entry requirements in S5 or S6 and:

Pre-entry programmes

Applicants made an adjusted offer will successfully complete one of our credit rated University of Glasgow pre-entry programmes:

Successful completion of a programme may lead to an adjusted offer of entry.
Our research shows that students who successfully complete one of these programmes perform at a higher standard than comparable students at the University.

We may also accept successful completion of a comparable pre-entry programme at
another university instead of a University of Glasgow programme.