Postgraduate taught 

Clinical Neuropsychology MSc(MedSci)/PgDip

What our students say

What our students say

The MSc (Med Sci) Clinical/Applied Neuropsychology programmes provide the underpinning knowledge necessary for clinical psychologists whose practice involves neuropsychological assessment or interventions, including those who are working towards joining the British Psychological Society Specialist Register in Clinical Neuropsychology.  The programme focuses on theory, assessment and rehabilitation of neuropsychological disorders in a wide range of neurological conditions. The aim is to provide knowledge that is directly relevant to practice in neuropsychology. This is something that is clearly reflected in many of the comments made by our students at the end of the programme:

Comments from students completing the programme in 2015

‘The knowledge and understanding I have acquired from the course have transformed me as a clinical psychologist and the impact on my work and practice is profound’.

‘Don’t think too much – take the course as soon as possible!’

 ‘Essential if you want to pursue a career within neuropsychology’

“It is an absolutely necessary programme for any clinical psychologist working in a neuropsychologically relevant area’

‘An excellent course that is at the frontiers of research and practice in clinical neuropsychology’

 ‘Interesting, practical as well as intellectual, relevant and helpful to clinical practice’.

‘Broad based, thorough, interactive, reflexive, detailed and engaging’

‘Well-organised course in a great city with key speakers’

‘A comprehensive programme for clinical psychologists with an interest in neuropsychology where theory-practice links are discussed. The programme content can be easily applied to clinical practice’

‘The lecturers have outstanding knowledge and skill, many working in research at the forefront of the profession’.

‘Understanding models of cognition and current evidence regarding intervention (restitution/compensation) are aspects which I have already embedded into clinical practice’

‘The collective body of knowledge has built my understanding of the relationship between brain and behaviour.’

‘Comprehensive coverage of clinical neuropsychology in all forms led by experts’

‘What are the strengths of the programme? The collective enthusiasm,  Jon, teachers and colleagues on the course, closely followed by the intellectual depth and integrity of all those involved’

‘Thanks for a deeply interesting and challenging experience. I think this course will have a profound impact on my work’

‘Comprehensive, thorough, stimulating, relevant!’

‘Lived up to my hopes and expectations. Very stimulating and informative’

‘This programme combines theory with clinical practice in practical and accessible ways that enhances understanding of the contribution of neuropsychological process to behaviour, cognition and emotions. I work within a general health setting and the course helped me develop confidence in assessing and developing interventions for people with long term conditions’

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and it has benefitted me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. So, Thank You!’

 Comments from students completing the programme in 2014

‘…this course (PgDip/MSc) is without doubt the best single academic course I have ever done. I would  (and have done) recommend this course to any of my clinical psychology colleagues either as a standalone CPD module or the whole PgDip/MSc package. Thank you.’

‘Overall I would rate the course as excellent.  It influenced my clinical practice on multiple levels (see earlier). I am a more confident clinician because of the knowledge I acquired. I enjoyed the lectures delivered by specialists in the field and always go back to clinical practice work with renewed enthusiasm and curiosity and neuropsychology. Many thanks to Jon and the whole team!’

‘Excellent quality of teaching throughout – have enjoyed range of topics covered and variety of topics. All very relevant to my clinical practice and allowed me to reflect on past work and how I could improve my practice as a clinician. Course well structured, clear objectives and all content highly relevant to my clinical practice as a clinical psychologist hoping to specialise in clinical neuropsychology. Nicely built upon my existing knowledge base and experiences to date. Work load of course and assessment processes manageable. I would highly recommend to colleagues. ‘

‘Overall I feel I have greatly benefited from attending the course. The course is hugely relevant and can be readily applied to my NHS role. In addition to strengthening my theory-practice links I feel I have a much greater appreciation of the evidence base and how to apply the evidence based, theory driven ‘interventions’ applying this knowledge to my clinical practice. It has also been hugely helpful to meet others working across a range of clinical contexts, to share ideas and discuss the application of neuropsychological theory to different clinical groups. I feel the course has provided me with an excellent theoretical grounding and given me confidence towards going on to complete the QICN and becoming a clinical neuropsychologist.’

‘Overall the standard of teaching and course content/structure has been really excellent! Jon personally does a fantastic job both in terms of his organisation of material and teaching of such a broad range of topics, and his enthusiasm for the subjects is both inspiring and astounding. Most of all I feel the knowledge I have gained from attending the course will benefit the clients and families I work with for many years to come! I would highly recommend the course to others wanting to expand and develop their applied neuropsychological knowledge and competencies.’

‘Overall, the course has been excellent – really enjoyable, learnt a huge amount of contemporary evidence base for practice. Thank you.’

‘Overall the programme has been such high quality, thought provoking and inspiring it will radically change my practice in terms of increasing my confidence using rehab techniques with patients. Thank you!’

‘(I) have found the course and its content so useful – it has really helped me to think critically about my own practice in neuro-rehabilitation. I have found it very clinically applicable.’

‘The course as a whole has been hugely beneficial to my clinical practice. The standard of teaching has been second to none. Very enjoyable. Thank you.’

‘Thanks very much for a hugely stimulating and motivating course.’

‘…this Pg/Dip-MSc is fantastic and whatever I do in the future just won’t match up. There are loads of things I have learnt throughout all of the modules which I will use in my current job in terms of clinical knowledge, strategies and techniques and also for future research endeavours. Thank You.’

‘Have really enjoyed and gained a lot from attending the whole course. I have picked up a lot from peers saying what they do which has been exptremely helpful. Well worth doing the course.’

‘The course as a whole was excellent. Very useful for working in the NHS - particularly through increasing knowledge regarding dementia and gaining further understanding of what might be occurring. Thank you very much’