GCID Small Grants Fund

Mosaic of people and projects funded by the GCRF Small Grants Fund

To ensure the University of Glasgow continues to maintain its strength in international development research, the 2022-23 GCID Small Grants Fund will provide pump-priming and partnership development funding to support the co-development of external grant applications to tackle low- and middle-income country (LMIC) challenges.

Please note that awards made through any internal funding calls are not eligible for inclusion in applications for promotion. In order to support the development of strong applications, we encourage all potential applicants to contact the International Development Research Manager Mary Ryan for advice on strengthening their proposals. The full call details are available in the GCID Small Grants 2022 Highlight Notice.

This year’s allocation of funding is intended to support two types of applications, both of which use the same GCID Small Grants 2022 Application Form. Our intention is to ensure the benefits of the fund are distributed across the entire university community rather than concentrating awards with a small number of PIs. As such, applicants may submit a maximum of one application as Principal Investigator. At least 25% of the funds available are prioritized for ECR-led applications. Applicants must submit a fully completed application form and a completed GCID Small Grants 2022 Costing Template for each proposal. Applicants are required to contact their local College Research Office (which includes their relevant Project Coordinator) by June 30th, 2022 to inform them of an intention to submit and to ensure sufficient time for Project Coordinators to complete their components of the application. The two call types are:

  • Pump-Priming Activities - Teams, wherever possible working across the remit of two or more research councils (applications involving PIs or Co-Is from the College of Arts are particularly welcome) and including partners in ODA recipient countries, to collect pilot data or conduct scoping studies to support the development of large-scale research proposals addressing challenges relevant to one or more ODA recipient countries. Value: Up to £20,000.
  • Meetings and Exchanges - To support new interdisciplinary partnerships through reciprocal visits with collaborators in ODA recipient countries to develop grant proposals addressing challenges relevant to one or more ODA recipient countries. This call will be particularly relevant for early career researchers who seek to develop research collaborations with LMIC country partners but have struggled to develop research proposals without existing relationships. Value: Up to £10,000.

Call Documents

GCID Small Grants 2022 Highlight Notice

GCID Small Grants 2022 Application Form

GCID Small Grants 2022 Costing Template

Please note: We have identified an error in the costing template that prevents you from entering an end date. Please just leave this cell blank – it will not impact the rest of your costing or your application.

Briefing Session

A recording of the briefing that took place on June 15th is available here: Presentation - GCID Small Grants Briefing 2022.mp4