Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange (KE) is a vital channel for our research to yield real benefits to the wider society and economy. ‌The Knowledge Exchange team identifies, facilitates and develops institution-wide knowledge exchange initiatives. Our aim is to engender a culture in which innovation and entrepreneurship are embedded within the academic environment.

The team also focusses on raising the profile of the University within the knowledge exchange arena, and forging long-term strategic partnerships with national and international organisations, to realise the impact potential of the University’s research outcomes.

RSIO manages a number of strategic knowledge exchange projects and funding-initiatives, including Impact Acceleration Accounts for the various funding councils, Glasgow KE fund, and Easy Access IP.

Knowledge exchange refers to the two-way flow of knowledge, expertise, skills and people between the University and external communities and partners. Our KE approach is based around the following aims:

  • To build longer-term, mutually beneficial relationships with external partners
  • To inform legislation, policy and governmental guidelines for local, national and international agendas
  • To promote cultural exchange within and between communities at local, national and international levels
  • To improve the health and wellbeing of our communities and environment
  • To create career development opportunities for our students and academics

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