TrilobiteThe Hunterian has one of the largest and most diverse collections of trilobites (fossils of extinct marine arthropods) in Britain. One of its main strengths is the Ordovician trilobites from Ayrshire near to Girvan. These trilobites and associated fauna have been collected and researched over the last 100 years by The Hunterian. The research has concentrated mainly in the Lady Burn Starfish Beds of the South Threave Formation and the Red Mudstone Member of the Myoch Formation. New and exciting discoveries are still being made in these rocks including a four legged starfish from the Lady Burn Starfish Beds. Originally collected by Mrs Gray from the 1850s until the early 1900s during family picnics, some of her collection was given to The Hunterian, while most went to the Natural History Museum in London. Although she was told that the Red Mudstones would not contain fossils, they have turned out to be very productive. A former curator of The Hunterian and now Honorary Research Fellow, Dr Keith Ingham rediscovered many of the localities collected from by Mrs Gray and has also collected a vast and important collection of trilobites from the Red Mudstones, including several species new to science. These are currently being researched for publication.