Gravid Uteri

Cast of the gravid uterusThe University of Glasgow Technical Art History Group in collaboration with The Hunterian, is currently conducting technical examination of 5 of the 11 life size plaster casts (gestation models) that entered the collection with the gift of William Hunter in 1807. This series of casts of dissections shows the pregnant uterus in different stages of pregnancy, as illustrated in Hunter’s great work, 'The Anatomy of the Gravid Uterus Exhibited in Figures', published in 1774, with exquisite plates from drawings by Jan van Rymsdyk.

The Hunterian is currently working towards a major Tercentenary Exhibition on William Hunter which will open in the Autumn of 2018. They are currently immersed in the process of rethinking and expanding their understanding of Hunter’s collections. The scientific examination and conservation of these casts constitutes one of the key elements in this process which will contribute to a better understanding of their making and meaning. The research is being carried out by Dr Lola Sanchez-Jauregui of The Hunterian and Dr Mark Richter of the University's School of Culture and Creative Arts.