Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Staff and postgraduate students (PGT & PGR) from all disciplines can access funding for research, study, training or teaching visits.

Application form 

Applications are open (on a rolling basis until funding is allocated)

Where can I go?

We have funding available that cover the following dates:

  • 2020 award year: for travel from 2020 to 31 July 2023

The award rates and the availability of places differ depending on which year you apply for. Applications from 'Pending' partners will open once the agreements have been signed. Any questions please contact   

UniversityLevelAward yearPriority subjects
Bosnia and Herzegovina:
 University of Sarajevo PGT, PhD, staff 2020

History & Archaeology, Law, Political Sciences and Civics

University of Duhok PhD, staff 2020 Social Sciences, subject area: Education
KIMEP JSC  PhD, staff 2020 Central and East European Studies
Kenya Medical Research Institute [pending] PhD, staff (incoming)
Staff (outgoing)
2020 Public Health
Pwani University College  PhD, staff (incoming)
Staff (outgoing)
2020 PhD, staff
Technical University of Kenya PhD, staff (incoming)
Staff (outgoing)
2020 Public Health
University of Nairobi PhD, staff (incoming)
Staff (outgoing)
2020 Public Health
  PhD, staff   2020 Adam Smith Business School
Universiti Sains Malaysia  PGT, staff 2020 Adam Smith Business School
    PGT, staff  2020 Adam Smith Business School
IBERO (Universidad Iberoamericana)  PhD, staff 2020 Education
University of Ibadan Staff, PhD (incoming) 2020 MVLS
University of Lagos (Unilag) [pending] PhD, staff (incoming)
Staff (outgoing)
Islamic University of Gaza [pending] incoming only 2020 Education
Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod [suspended] PhD, PGT, staff 2020 CEES; Area Studies
South Africa      
University of Stellenbosch PGT, PhD, staff 2020 Theology and Religious Studies
Chulalongkorn University  PhD, staff 2020 Biological Sciences, Medicine, Arts and Humanities
National University of Kyiv – Mohyla Academy  PhD, staff 2020 Central and East European Studies
University of Zimbabwe (pending) PhD, staff 2020 Education and Urban Studies


Deadlines and application

Applications are now open.


There are several application rounds throughout the year until all places are used.
You may apply for partners for whom the agreement is still pending but you will not be able to go until the agreement is finalised.

Applications are open on a rolling basis until funding is allocated. 


Applications are open on a rolling basis until funding is allocated. 

Applications will be considered on their own merit, and will be reviewed by the Go Abroad Team, College International Deans and (where applicable) the Dean for Global Engagement for the relevant region. Final acceptance is at the discretion of the partner university.

Any questions please contact:

Duration and funding


Exact duration including subsistence for travel days, may vary slightly depending on partner institution, however minimum and maximum funded durations are indicated below:

  • Staff teaching: 5-10 working days.
  • Staff training: 2-5 working days
  • Postgraduate students: 3 months (90 days) up to 5 months depending on the partner.


Destination Travel allowance Staff subsistence allowance PGR subsistence allowance
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia,  Ukraine €360  €180 /day €700 / month
Georgia €530   €180 /day €700 / month
Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda €820 €180/day €700 / month 
Brazil, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Zimbabwe €1,500  €180 p/day €700 / month

Travel allowance is a flat rate amount based on the distance between the sending and receiving institution.

Subsistence Allowance is based on the per diems above; the final grant will be based on the number of days spent at the partner institution.

Participants are expected to arrange their own travel, visa, insurance, and accommodation. The Erasmus+ funding is a contribution towards the costs of the exchange, not a full maintenance grant.

Students do not pay tuition fees to the host university and continue to be a registered Glasgow student throughout the exchange.

Supplementary funding for students/staff with disabilities

Additional funding may be available for participants with disabilities. If you would like to explore this option, please get in touch at