Key contacts

International Engagement at Glasgow is led by Rachel Sandison, Vice-Principal (External Relations) with support from Assistant Vice-Principal (International) Professor William Cushley, along with colleagues in the International Office, the Deans for Global Engagement and the College International Deans.

Many staff around the University are involved in supporting our international work, including the key contacts listed below.

Deans for Global Engagement

Africa and Middle East Professor Paul Garside
The Americas Professor Penny Morris 
Europe Professor Lorna Hughes 
East Asia and China Professor Konstantinos Kontis
Central and South Asia  Professor Moyra Boland
South-east Asia and Australasia Professor Clare McManus 

College International Deans

The role of the Deans is to provide direction and oversight of strategic international activity at College level. The College International Deans are responsible for developing and implementing College International Strategies with the aim of expanding the international reach of the College with respect to student growth and diversity, student outward mobility, international consultancy and strategic research links. 


Professor Anselm Heinrich

Professor Matthew Walters
(copy in Christine Kerr, PA to Matthew Walters, for meeting requests)   

Professor Christopher Loughrey
(copy in Michelle Craig, PA)

Science and Engineering

Dr Cristina Persano
(copy in Lynn Esson)

 Social Sciences Professor Graeme Roy


International Recruitment and Partnerships


Vice-Principal, External Relations Rachel Sandison
Director International Recruitment and Partnerships Ian Thomson
International Partnerships & Policy Manager Duo Long (maternity cover)
International Recruitment Partnerships Manager Ashley Lewis
Head of International Recruitment Caroline Boddie
Latin America and Middle East Jo Power - International Regional Manager
Kyle Blain - Senior International Officer for the Middle East
Nick Bruce - Regional Coordinator

Africa Pamela Armstrong - International Recruitment Manager (Africa and GIC)
International Recruitment Coordinator

West Africa  Ajoke Olakunle (in-country Nigeria)
North America and non-EU Europe Joey Kirk - International Regional Manager (North America)

  Ashley Sevadjian (in-country West)
Jason Via (in-country SE & central USA)
Jay Shamlin (in-country NE & Midwest USA)
Nick Bruce - Regional Coordinator
Europe & Central Asia Mark Stansfield  - Senior International Officer
Jennifer Wylie - Regional Coordinator
  International Officers (Europe):
Adrienn Hortobagyi 
Scott Clapperton
East Asia Caroline Boddie - Head of International Recruitment 
Mhairi MacFarlane - Senior International Officer
International Recruitment Coordinator

Claire Liu (in-country manager China)
In-country International Officers:
Xinjing YIN [Cynthia] (Beijing)
Sichao Yu (Shanghai)
South Asia and South East Asia Shonagh Maak - International Regional Manager 
Donna Gall - Senior International Officer
Jennifer Wylie - Regional Coordinator

  Lisa Benlizar (in-country Singapore)

Sophia Lee
  Sanju Dominic (in-country India)
  Alfin Firdaus (in-country Indonesia)
UK-based international students Kate Barrie
Study Abroad and Partnerships Manager Colette McGowan 
CIVIS Project Manager Celine Reynaud
U21 Coordinator

Market Intelligence Team - The team can provide an initial assessment of the potential international market for current and new PGT programmes>> Market assessment

Head of Market Intelligence Elizabeth Gray


Academic Collaborations Office

You can obtain guidance from the Academic Collaborations Office (ACO) on the nature of possible collaborative arrangements and how to develop and seek approval of your collaboration. ACO can also provide feedback on the associated Memorandum of Agreement.

The main focus of the ACO is on collaborations involving an award of the University. This includes, for example, joint and double degrees and Transnational Education (TNE) developments. [TNE is defined as 'An award for credit bearing study (undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research) which is delivered by the University outside the UK']

>> Contact details for the ACO

Study abroad and mobility


International Exchanges and partnerships manager Colette McGowan
Head of Global Opportunities Sarah Armour


Inbound: study abroad and exchange

Outbound: go abroad 




Research Support and Project Management Office

The University of Glasgow (UoG) is a leader in European Research.