Internationalisation key contacts

Internationalisation key contacts

Internationalisation at Glasgow is led by the Vice-Principal Internationalisation, James Conroy. It is supported by the:

International Deans

Global regional activity is coordinated by the International Deans who lead the development of our strategy and action plan for each of their regions.

 Africa  Professor John Briggs
 North America  Professor David Fearn
 Latin America  Professor Rosa Greaves
 East Asia  Professor Jane Duckett
 Eurasia & South Asia  Professor William Cushley
 Europe  Professor James Conroy
 Middle East  Professor Julian Dow
 South East Asia  Professor Frank Coton
International Dean for Mobility  Professor Jim Murdoch

College Internationalisation Deans

Each College has an Internationalisation Dean who champions international collaborative developments. It is advisable to include your College Dean in your initial discussions.

 Arts Dr Anselm Heinrich
 MVLS Professor Matthew Walters
(copy in Christine Kerr, PA to Matthew Walters, for meeting requests)   

Dr Chris Loughrey

 Science and Engineering  Dr Ian Watson
 Social Sciences  Dr Clare McManus

College International/Business Development Managers

Each College has a dedicated Business Development Manager (or equivalent). You should liaise with your Business Development Manager in the first instance for advice on how your proposal aligns with the College’s strategy, they can advise on income generation activity and help facilitate College approval. 

Arts Fraser Rowan
MVLS Caroline Woodside (Research Development Manager)
Karen McCluskey (Learning & Teaching)
Science and Engineering Lynne Brown (Research) 
Sara Diegoli (Research)
Gordon Duckett (Learning & Teaching)
Social Sciences Angela Melley
Cross college Gordon Meiklejohn (Business Development Manager)

Head of Academic and Student Administration

Head of Academic and Student Administration will be able to provide guidance on the initial discussions within the College.

Arts Val Stringfellow 
MVLS Caroline Mallon
Science and Engineering Pat Duncan
Social Sciences Jenny Beattie

College Finance Officers

Arts Liz Broe
MVLS Andrew Charters
Science and Engineering David Rhodes
Social Sciences Sharon McGregor

College Recruitment & Conversion Marketing Officers

Arts Heather Murphy 
MVLS Philip Stanley
Science and Engineering Katherine Henderson
Social Sciences Laura Macfadyen

Academic Collaborations Office

You can obtain guidance from the Academic Collaborations Office (ACO) on the nature of possible collaborative arrangements and how to develop and seek approval of your collaboration. ACO can also provide feedback on the associated Memorandum of Agreement.

The main focus of the ACO is on collaborations involving an award of the University.  This includes, for example, joint and double degrees and Transnational Education (TNE) developments.   [TNE is defined as ‘An award for credit bearing study (undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research) which is delivered by the University outside the UK’]

The contact details for the ACO are shown below: 

  Arts /
Social Sciences
Jackie McCluskey Deputy Head of the
Academic Collaborations Office
Kenneth Hutton (job share) Academic Collaborations Manager Kenneth.Hutton
Robert Mulholland (job share) Academic Collaborations Manager Robert.Mulholland

  MVLS /
Science and Engineering
Nancy Donald Head of the 
Academic Collaborations Office
Ryan Reed Academic Collaborations Manager Ryan.Reed@

International Recruitment and Partnerships

Key: IRC = International Recruitment Coordinator

Executive Director, External Relations

Rachel Sandison

International Recruitment and Partnerships

Ian Thomson (Head)
Caroline Boddie (Deputy Head)
International Partnerships & Policy Manager

Charlotte Kedslie
Africa Jo Power
Pamela Armstrong
Claire Grant (IRC)

  Ajoke Olakunle (in-country Nigeria)
Americas Joey Kirk (North America)
Jo Power (Latin America)
Nick Bruce (IRC)

  Leanne Schmitz (in-country West)
Danielle Houston (in-country SE & central)
Vacancy (in-country NE & Midwest)

Commonwealth of Independent 
States (CIS), Russia & Eurasia
Caroline Boddie 
Claire Grant (IRC)
East Asia  Caroline Boddie 
Mhairi MacFarlane
Claire Grant (IRC)

  Jian Li (in-country China)
South Asia and South East Asia Katy Scott  (South Asia & SE Asia)
Althea Maxwell (South & SE Asia)
Craig Gold (IRC S & SE Asia)

  Lisa Benlizar (in-country Singapore)
  Sanju Dominic (in-country India)
  Alfin Firdaus (in-country Indonesia)
Middle East  Jo Power
Pamela Armstrong  
Nick Bruce (IRC)
Exchanges Colette McGowan (International Exchanges and partnerships manager)
Celine Reynaud (International Experiences Manager)
U21 Coordinator   internationalnetworks

Market Intelligence Team - The team can provide an initial assessment of the potential international market for current and new PGT programmes>> Market assessment

Head of Market Intelligence Elizabeth Gray

Human Resources

Director of HR & HR
Christine Barr 
Deputy Director of HR Richard Claughton 
Head of College HR, Arts Gillian Shaw 
Head of College HR, MVLS Fergus Brown
Deputy Head of College HR, MVLS David Tedman
Head of College HR, Science & Engineering Simon Wilson
Head of College HR, Social Sciences  Elaine Reid
Head of HR, University Services Claire Williamson

Employee and Organisational Development (EOD)

There is a range of learning courses and resources in support of the University's strategic plan; for more information see

Wendy McAnerney Deputy Head of EOD  wendy.mcanerney
Monica Smith Organisational Development & Learning Specialist Monica.Smith