NERC funded GALLANT: Virtual Data Hub and Visualisation/Analytics Infrastructure 

Researchers in the School of Maths & Stats, UBDC and School of Geographical & Earth Sciences will lead the creation of a virtual data hub and data analytics platform as part of the recent NERC funded strategic project GALLANT.  Starting in Feb 2022, Profs Claire Miller and Marian Scott (M&S), Prof Ana Basiri (GES) and Prof Nick Bailey (UBDC, SSPS) will lead the team of researchers working closely with colleagues across GALLANT and Glasgow City Council (GCC) to create a world leading innovative data platform for researchers, policy makers and the community. The virtual data hub will be the central data repository bringing to life the living lab of sustainable interventions and solutions data collated and created through GALLANT. The visualisation platform will enable users to link and explore data across the city related to river landscapes, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, active travel and smart energy with analytics and modelling of cross-cutting scenarios to inform future decision making at policy and community levels. 

Full details on GALLANT  and its Ph.D. projects can be founds in the links.

The following PhD projects are specifically associated with our data, analytics and visualisation work:

PhD-03: Understanding and modelling the potential impacts of alternate land-use practices: CO2 sequestration and pollutant immobilisation in derelict and contaminated land sites

PhD-04: Automated measurement of behaviours in public spaces

PhD-06: Life cycle assessment of UKRI-funded research projects

PhD-07: Public health benefits and challenges of Glasgow’s transition to climate resilience: systems science and data analytics

PhD-09: Modelling impacts of simulated environmental social interventions for policy and community decision support