Welcome Message from the PGR Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the research programme in the School of Law of the University of Glasgow. Postgraduate research offers a rare opportunity to develop original work and conduct in-depth independent research on a topic of your choice. You are joining a vibrant intellectual community of excellent students from all over the world, working with leading researchers and subject specialists. We are very proud of this community, the exceptional research that it has produced over the years and the opportunity that it gives all of us to learn and to develop as educators and colleagues. It is a privilege to be welcoming you to join us.

Dr Alex Schwartz, Deputy Director



If you have accepted an unconditional offer you will have received an email from the University giving instructions on how to register from Thursday, 3 August 2023.




Arrival and Induction

The School of Law PGR Induction Event will take place in late September/ early October.  Further details to follow.

Please contact your supervisor(s) in advance of your arrival in order to schedule your first supervision meeting. Any training requirements should be discussed at your first meeting.  For details of the Graduate School Training available see the Research Training link below.

Research training

Mandatory Training

The Graduate School webpages provide further Information for new Postgraduate Students including:

  • PGR Induction October date to be confirmed.
  • Research Training Courses (session 2023-2024 details to follow) please liaise with your supervisors to discuss which of the courses you are expected to attend and then self-enrol on the required courses.
  • Researcher Development PGR designed to support your research skills and professional development including details of mandatory courses.
  • PGR Opportunities Hub provides training, internships and funding opportunities designed to support your development of key transferable research skills. 

Please find further information online which may be helpful:

For international students

The International Student Support team provides a dedicated advisory service for international students on non-academic matters such as immigration, employment, finance and any other concerns you may have. For more information please see: www.gla.ac.uk/international/support. The induction programme will also feature a number of sessions specifically designed for international students who experience the British academic culture for the first time.


The online booking system for University accommodation is now open to applicants.  Please wait 72 hours after accepting your offer before using this service.   Accommodation Services, who can also be contacted by telephone to 00 44 (0)141 330 4743, or by email to accom@glasgow.ac.uk, are able to advise you on university accommodation, private sector accommodation and temporary accommodation.


Once registered, you can begin to enrol on courses and classes using MyCampus. Throughout the year you will access MyCampus to see your class and exam timetables, record any absences you may have, amend your enrolments during the add/drop period or check your assignments and grades. A link to MyGlasgow is at the bottom of most university web pages. If you need assistance, you can log a support request via the Help and Support form.


MyGlasgow is the university’s student portal. It provides direct access to university web services including MyCampus, Webmail, Moodle, Library Account, IT Helpdesk and Sport Online. It also provides student news, help, support and guidance, and links to other web pages. Login to MyGlasgow using your Glasgow Unique Identifier (GUID) and password which has been sent to you separately in your “Access to your Student Account” email.

Campus card

Campus card collection for new students joining the university at the beginning of Semester 1

When you register at the university on MyCampus you will be asked to upload an image of yourself. The photograph you upload will be used to produce your Campus card which will be used throughout your time at the university as the primary means of formal identification, for example, at exams.

Campus cards for new students will be available for collection according to the schedule on the Registry's website: www.gla.ac.uk/services/registry/registration/.

Please note that your card can only be issued if you have completed MyCampus registration.

Other important information

As a student in the University of Glasgow, you come under the authority of the university and must respect its rules. As you progress through your studies, you will gradually become aware of the more important university policies that apply to academic and disciplinary matters. What follows is a brief overview of some key things you should be aware of at the outset of your studies.

Email Communication

The standard format for email communication with staff is forename.surname@glasgow.ac.uk  (e.g. Joe.Bloggs@glasgow.ac.uk). Please be aware that staff will respond to your email as soon as possible. When you email staff please ensure you always use your university allocated address rather than your personal account.


This is the university’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Moodle is a key means of communicating with students for members of staff who wish to pass on notices and other information about courses and events going on within the School of Law. Moodle is a public forum, which is monitored by staff and when you add a posting you should bear this in mind.

Course Documents

Every course has a course document. This identifies the Course Convenor (the member of academic staff who is responsible for the organisation of the course) and sets out details of the course, including information about assessment. Suggested reading may also be set out in the course document. You are strongly advised to read course documents (they can be accessed via Moodle) and, if you have questions about the course, look first at the course document before contacting the course convenor.


If you have or develop a disability, you are strongly advised to make contact with the Student Disability Service. Please also contact our School of Law Disability Officer, Linsey Fender, so that we can support you in the best way possible. You can email Linsey at: law-disability-coordinator@glasgow.ac.uk

Absence Policy

Please refer to the College of Social Sciences Graduate School Postgraduate Research Handbook for details of the rules governing research students.

PGR Code of Practice

The PGR Code Practice can be found here 

Unacceptable Behaviour

We expect students to treat each other, and staff, with courtesy, consideration and fairness at all times and to avoid all forms of abusive behaviour. There is a University Code of Practice on unacceptable behaviour which is binding on staff and students alike and action is taken to enforce it. Students may be disciplined for misconduct or inappropriate behaviour whether or not that conduct or behaviour takes place on campus. 


We would emphasise the importance of avoiding plagiarism and inappropriate collaboration at all stages of university study. You are deemed to have read and understood the University’s statement on plagiarism.



Susan Holmes, our PGR Administrator is available to offer any assistance you require during your time at the University of Glasgow. Staff continue to work in a hybrid pattern (working from home and the office) and can be reached via email.