Mandatory Courses

All new PGRs must complete the following mandatory courses during their first year of study. Expand the links below for more information.

PGR Research Integrity

PGR Research Integrity is mandatory for all new PGRs

This course introduces expectations for all researchers regarding good research practice and the support available at the University of Glasgow. It explores issues relating to research, collaborations, publication and innovation, including good research conduct (referring to the University’s own policies and national developments, such as the Concordat for Research Integrity); authorship, conflicts of interest and peer review; plagiarism and self-plagiarism; data management; open research; and research misconduct and whistle-blowing.

The self-paced materials give a baseline knowledge of expectations and challenges in the wider research environment, including potential pitfalls or grey areas that may be encountered. This is followed by a seminar to apply the knowledge in practice. It is expected that the course will lead on to further discussions with your supervisor and colleagues in your subject area.

To register for this course, self-enrol on the PGR Research Integrity Course Moodle.

RDF Domain: C1-2

Introduction to Research Data Management for PGRs

The Introduction to Research Data Management for PGRs is mandatory for PGRs in MVLS, CoSS and CoSE.

Publicly funded research is a public good. When data are created as part of academic research, they should be carefully stored, managed and, wherever possible, shared. This course introduces researchers to examples of good research data practice, illustrated with real-life examples. Topics include the data lifecycle; funder compliance; and what should happen to your data when you graduate.

The course is designed for researchers in their first year of postgraduate study but is also suitable for researchers in other years who have not received training in research data management. This course will also help researchers to prepare their data management plans, which are now a mandatory component of the first Annual Progress Review.

This course consists of some online training resources and an optional 1 hour webinar. More information can be found on the Introduction to Research Data Management for PGRs Course Moodle.

RDF Domain: C1-2

Equality and Diversity Essentials

Equality and Diversity Essentials is mandatory for all new PGRs.

The University of Glasgow is committed to promoting equality in all its activities and aims to provide a work, learning, research and teaching environment free from discrimination and unfair treatment. This online module outlines definitions such as the different forms of discrimination (direct, indirect etc), what constitutes bullying or harassment, and provides a brief overview of cultural awareness.

For more information, and to access the course, visit the Equality and Diversity Essentials Course Moodle.

Information Security Awareness

Information Security Awareness is mandatory for all new PGRs.

IT systems and the information they hold have become critical to the operation of the University, as well as many other aspects of everyday life. This online course highlights current threats to information security and provides practical advice on how to avoid them.

For more information, and to access the course, visit the Information Security Awareness Course Moodle.