Enrolment is the process for choosing your courses and classes to build your timetable for the year. Most students need to enrol via MyCampus, using its guidance on compulsory, recommended and optional courses. For exceptions see below.

You must complete academic registration before you can begin enrolment.

Please complete as much of enrolment as you can in advance of coming to Glasgow.

It is your responsibility to:

  • Choose suitable courses,
  • Ensure you enrol in the correct number of credits for the year,
  • Select courses for the whole year, not just the first semester.


Most students will use MyCampus self-service to enrol in all or some of their courses and classes (lectures, tutorials, seminars, labs) at the beginning of each year, making selections, in line with the requirements of their degree programme and plan (see Self-service guide).

There are some exceptions to this where staff in your College or School will enrol you in the relevant courses and classes. This applies in the following cases:

  • BEd (Music)
  • Diploma in Learning & Teaching in HE (distance)
  • MSci/BSc in Veterinary Biosciences - Year 1
  • SIT: Computing Science
  • SIT: Engineering
  • Study Abroad & Exchanges (Incoming Erasmus exchange students, Incoming International & Study Abroad exchange students)
  • UESTC: Engineering
  • Upskilling Microcredentials
  • MEd/MSc Educational Studies
  • IntM Adult Education for Social Change
  • IntM Children’s Literature, Media & Culture
  • PgCert/PgDip/MEd Inclusive Education: Research, Policy & Practice

You will be able to see all your classes in your timetable once enrolment is completed.


When enroling on courses you may find that some courses require specific pre-University qualifications e.g. Highers, A-Levels, HND/Cs or successful completion of University courses as pre-requisites.

You will not be able to enrol on these courses in MyCampus until your results have been received by the University and processed in MyCampus.

Please proceed to enrol in your other course choices. Return to complete enrolment on these courses once you have received your results.

If you have received your results or if you have equivalent qualifications from another institution and you see a message stating you do not meet the pre-requisites, you can check the Requirements of Entry as follows:

  • Select the course from your list of courses,
  • Scroll past Course Schedule to Course Detail,
  • View Requirements of Entry.

If you think you do meet the requirements or have any other questions about enrolment please log a support request.

You will not be able to enrol in classes until you have completed academic registration.

Need help?

Download this guide: Prerequisites (pdf)

Step 1: Log into MyGlasgow

Log into MyGlasgow and select My Courses & Records > My Student Centre > Enrollment

Step 2: Select your courses

You will use' My Requirements' to select courses according to your degree programme and plan. If your plan is incorrect or if you wish to change the direction of your future studies you must contact your Adviser of Studies to change it before you enrol.

'My Requirements' describes:

  • The overall course, grade and credit requirements,
  • Any compulsory courses which you must enrol on,
  • The optional courses available.

If you cannot see the 'My Requirements' tab, please log a support call.

You must be academically registered before you can enrol on courses.

Step 3: Enrol on classes (e.g. tutorials, lab sessions)

As you select your courses and classes you will see how these fit into your timetable in 'My Choices'. This will help you to identify potential timetable clashes before enrolling.

You can also use the “check suitability” button in 'My Choices' which checks your class selections against your timetable and any course pre or co-requisites, allowing you to make adjustments before completing enrolment.

Don’t forget: click 'view all' to see all the class options (days and times) available, especially for tutorial and lab sessions.

Once you have checked that your classes are correct and fit your timetable you can confirm your selections and click 'Enrol' to complete your enrolments.

Places in classes are usually available on a first-come-first-served basis so we recommend early enrolment.

Timetable clashes:

Each year when students enrol onto their chosen courses there are occasional clashes between teaching events within a course, or between different subjects that need intervention from staff to override them.  This academic year 2022/23 it may have been necessary to create additional instances of labs (or other practical classes), and there may be an increase in the occurrence of clashes.  For example:

  • Where the clash is between a lab and an asynchronous lecture this should normally be allowed as you will be able to access the lecture content at any time of your choosing. Please watch this short video to check if this is the type of clash you are experiencing and how to request via the Helpdesk for staff to process an override on MyCampus.
  • Where the clash is between a lab and a synchronous but online event (sometimes referred to as a ‘live’ event) you should make an enquiry via the Helpdesk so that the relevant School or Course Co-ordinator can check if the content will be available after the event and therefore whether the clash will be permissible. If so, then the clash may be over-ridden. If not, you will need to find a clash-free alternative.
  • Where the clash is with another on-campus event you will need to find an alternative, clash-free alternative. Please watch this short video for more information and guidance on what to do next.
  • Not all timetable clashes will be able to be over-ridden due to the nature of the particular degree structure and/or requirements – your College will advise you if this is the case in response to your Helpdesk enquiry

Other guidance:

Step 4: View your timetable

Your timetable will be automatically created in MyCampus as you enrol on classes. It is updated if either you change any of your courses or the times/dates/locations of your classes change at any time. You can find your timetable in the Enrol tab or directly from your Student Centre.

Your timetable will show the class, the time of class and the location of the class. It may also show the name of the lecturer teaching the class and other information such as the topic.

After you have enrolled, you should view your timetable using our UofG Life App.

Access the UofG Life App:

The UofG Life app is available on the Apple Store or get it on Google Play. Additionally the web version is accessible from https://www.gla.ac.uk/apps/uofglife

  1. Login using your GUID and password
  2. To access your personalised course timetable click on the Timetable menu item at the bottom of the screen
  3. For On Campus classes, click on the room details in your timetable to get directions to your class
  4. Find your way around campus with an interactive campus map available via the Find a Building and Near Me features, including information on accessible routes
  5. Go to Settings to receive notifications and SMS alerts about timetable changes
  6. Access other features including study spaces information; health & wellbeing and study room bookings



Making changes

Once you have completed your enrolments there may be reasons why you need to make a change.

  • During the add/drop period you can do this through self-service using one of the options described below, providing there are still places available in the alternative course or class
  • Please note, there may be fee implications for part-time students if you drop courses on/after the first day of teaching
  • After this time you will need to speak to your Adviser who will make the change for you if this is agreed.

The end dates for the add/drop periods are as follows:

Academic Year 2022-23

  • Semester 1 (S1)        
  • Semester 1/2 (S12)                           
  • Full year (FYR)

Undergraduate: 3 October 2022

Postgraduate Taught: 30 September 2022

  • Semester 2 (S2) courses
23 January 2023 (all students)
  • Summer (SUM) courses
12 June 2023 (all students)


Switch Class Sections

You can switch class sections (e.g. tutorial, lab, seminar) if your timetable will permit and the class is not the main class you select when enrolling (the Enrolment section).

The type of class set up as the Enrolment section differs from course to course so if you attempt to switch a class and receive a message to say you are already enrolled on the class, you will need to drop the whole course and re-enrol on all sections.

To make these changes go to:

MyGlasgow > MyCampus > My Enrolments and select Switch a Class

Drop Courses

After you have enrolled you are still able to drop a course/s and select another option. Remember, you must be enrolled for the correct number of credits for the year, so if you drop a course you should then enrol on an alternative course.

To make this change go to:

MyGlasgow > MyCampus > My Enrolments and select Drop Courses

College and School guidance

Colleges and Schools have provided further guidance where there is additional or specific information relating to your programme of study. To see this information please select from the links below.

If you are not sure which link to select you can search by your degree programme (plan):