Research at the Kelvin Centre

Our research portfolio reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the Kelvin Centre and that of our team of conservators, scientists, technical art historians, and dress and textile historians. The focus of our cultural heritage research is on the act of making, meaning and conserving. Our staff, postgraduate and doctoral students are involved in research that encompasses a wide range of objects including paintings, textiles, works of paper, manuscripts, sculpture, decorative surfaces, modern material artefacts, and contemporary art.

Our research and training facilities include photography, microscopy, UV imaging, Infra-Red Reflectography, FTIR, pXRF, Raman, HPLC, RTI, contact profilometers, uniaxial and biaxial tensile testers, ageing ovens (thermal and light), 3D printing and dyeing.

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Projects at former Textile Conservation Centre