Postgraduate taught 

Public Health MPH/PgDip/PgCert

What our students say

What our students say

"The campus is beautiful, the school is well-known and respected, the programme I was interested in was offered within a timeframe that worked for me, Scotland is an amazing place to live."

"The quality of teaching and the attention of the teaching staff was awesome."

What are the three things that you have enjoyed most about your time here?

"Made many new friends. Exposure of opportunities. Improved knowledge and skills."

"It's a new system of studying... my experience in a nutshell is great!"

"Here there is communication between academic staff and students and that's really good. You don't attend a lecture and reproduced it, in some way you make it your own and it makes you much more proud."

Why did you chosse your course?

"To obtain the qualification in PUblic Health to make an addition to my existing degree (MBBS). Public Health affects masses, it's a great honour and gift from God to help the people who are present and will be here in future."