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City Planning MSc

What our students say

What our students say

Hannah Haddad, UK (2017-18)

Having graduated from Environmental Science & Sustainability at the University of Glasgow I realised that I wanted to go into something more vocational. I had always been interested in resource management and how to encourage people to live more sustainably. City & Regional Planning offered me the ability to learn more about how to shape the built and natural environment and how society responds to such changes, albeit positively and negatively.

I’ve really enjoyed this programme, whilst it can be very challenging at times, the sheer scope of the degree enables you to develop a comprehensive understanding of planning theory, design and the planning system. I particularly appreciated that my programme allowed me to select an optional course. Being offered the opportunity to tailor my own education has enabled me to focus on sustainability, thus utilising my undergraduate degree and focus on the issues that really interest me. As the degree is based in Glasgow, we have been able to focus on different issues throughout the city and the wider region. Being able to see, first hand, the different social, economic and environmental challenges of different areas in and around Glasgow has given me an amazing insight into the application of our degree.

Adriana García González, Cuba, 2016

Adriana Gonzelez

The MSc City Planning programme at Glasgow is highly regarded by academics, professionals and former students. The fact that the programme is accredited by the Royal Town Planning Institute played a huge part in my decision, as it is an important asset in my career that will help me to be part of an important net of technical international co-operation with people from the planning industry.

I really enjoyed the lectures - very dynamic and focused on current trends. All the modules had frequent guest speakers from the planning community who helped us get other perspectives on the topics. Furthermore, the lecturers were amazing! They were extremely well-prepared and always willing to help and advise us. There were several field trips and meetings with planning agencies, which allowed us to participate in real-life projects and to put in practice theories and principles learnt in the classroom. Plus the courses were designed to prepare students to learn how to work as part of a multidisciplinary team, which I consider is one of the most distinctive qualities of the programme. 

With regards to Glasgow, what I liked the most is that, even when in a big city, I always felt safe and at home. Coming from the Caribbean region, with a different culture and customs, this was very important for me. Glasgow is an amazing city, where you can experience it all: a top quality university education, a vibrant cultural life, the richness of its architectural and historical patrimony, and the feeling that you can walk everywhere, which is good for your mental and physical health. Furthermore, the mix of old and new architecture, all the green areas inside the urban perimeter, easy access to other major cities and the best of all, the locals, what a bunch of nice and friendly people!

I am currently working as a senior planner at the National Institute of Physical Planning in Cuba. I started pursuing the MSc programme to benefit the role I was already in. However, a year in Glasgow opened my eyes in terms of my understanding of current planning theories and principles. Right now I feel more confident in carrying out my role, especially when meeting with a wide range of colleagues from the planning community, who all have different visions and objectives for the city. I´m more prepared for working as part of a team, and that is thanks to the MSc City Planning programme at the University of Glasgow!

I would highly recommend the University of Glasgow! Although hard work, it´s been totally worth it!

Zach Claudino, USA (2015-16)

Zach Claudino'I hold a BA in History and I have always been interested in urbanism and public policy and I wanted to work in the field. The best things about this programme are the international perspectives provided by the student body and the academic output of the staff. Glasgow is charming and perplexing in the way all good cities are. There are urban triumphs and frustrations, often side by side. That dichotomy is what makes Glasgow so alluring. Glasgow is also a very easy city to live in with something for everyone. I have already recommended the programmeto others interested in studying planning. Glasgow is a fantastic case study of urban policy, with a unique legacy. My degree was integral to getting a job. I met two planning officers through the programme and have since joined Glasgow City Council as a Graduate Planning Officer.'