Managing your money while attending University can be difficult at times. There are many resources available to help you make the most of your finances during your time at University.

The Student Services Enquiry Team can offer general guidance about payment methods and how to make a payment on MyCampus, we can also advise you on what payments are due or have been paid.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid team offer a wide variety of support for students who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Student Debt Policy and Advice

The student debt policy is available online.

Difficulty Paying Fees
If you are experiencing difficulty paying tuition fees or other charges to the University shown on your Student Account in MyCampus, we advise you to contact the Credit Control team for further information and advice.

Debt Advice
The Students' Representative Council Advice Centre can assist students with budgeting, managing their money and also often help students to negotiate repayment plans for debts with creditors including the University.

Tuition Fee Refunds and Reductions

The tuition refund and liability policies and application processes are documented online.

Money Worries and Wellbeing

Money problems can often lead to health problems like stress, feeling low, depression or suicidal thoughts. If you feel this is happening to yourself contact your GP or phone NHS 111.