Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)/Transcripts

What is it?

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) replaces the traditional degree transcript, but it also offers much more besides. The HEAR document includes a list of your academic and related achievements to date.

Who is it for?

This facility is available to fully registered and Graduates/former students. 

If you are a currently registered student you can download your own Transcript:-  How to Print Your Transcript (HEAR).  You can also view courses, exam results and other academic & personal information in MyCampus.

What it contains

A HEAR includes a transcript of all your results to date.

This document can be downloaded from your MyCampus Student Center‌.

You can request a stamped version of your HEAR from the Student Services Enquiry Team, following the application process in "How to apply" section.

We will process all requests sent to us as received. If information is not included in your online HEAR it will not be on the document produced by the SSET. 

The SSET do not operate a ‘hold’ service. Please only submit a request once you have checked your HEAR information online and you are happy that it includes all the information you require.


HEAR Transcripts may take up to 5 working days to process upon receipt of your application and, if applicable, payment; however, at our peak times this may take up to 10 working days. If you require a HEAR immediately you should opt for the self-generated online version.

Missing/incorrect information

If academic information is missing or incorrect on your HEAR you should contact your School or College.  Results are updated after programme boards - this update varies from School to School.

If other non-academic information is missing from your HEAR, please contact the Student Services Enquiries Team in the first instance.

Outstanding charges

A HEAR cannot be produced if there are any outstanding charges on your student account. Please clear any charges before submitting your application.

For further information on any outstanding charges, contact student-finance@glasgow.ac.uk.

See full details of the Debt Policy.


Only results published on your student record will appear on your HEAR. Results are shown within the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) only.  No other equivalents are available.

We can provide a HEAR for most undergraduate and modularised taught postgraduate programmes.

Students on research degrees & non-modularised PGT programmes

You will receive a letter certifying attendance, programme of study and, if applicable, details of award and graduation.

Cost & payment options


  • Currently registered students: No charge (up to a maximum of 5 copies)
  • Former students and graduates: £10.00 for first copy plus £1.00 for each additional copy per request.

We regret that a HEAR cannot be issued until payment, if applicable, has been received.

Payment Options:

  • By credit/debit card: Telephone +44 (0)141 330 7000.  (Please Note: No payments can be taken after 4pm).   The University does not accept American Express or Diners Club.)
  • By cheque: payable to 'University of Glasgow', by post or in person at the Student Services Enquiry Desk - (Please note: No payments can be taken after 4pm).
  • By cash: in person at the Student Services Enquiry Desk - (Please Note: No payments can be taken after 4pm)  Please do not send cash in the post.
  • By post: Using this Payment Form‌ - send to  Student Services Enquiry Team, University of Glasgow, Fraser Building, Glasgow, G12 8QQ  (Payment forms cannot be submitted by email).

How to apply

Full instructions are provided on page 2 of the HEAR Application Form. You will need to:

  • Complete a HEAR Application Form and send it to us as detailed on the form. We can accept application forms by email or mail. 
  • If you are a former student and you have submitted your application form via email you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt within 15 minutes. Once you have received this email you can call us to make a payment over the phone on +44 (0) 141 330 7000. We accept Visa or Mastercard.
  • Alternatively, complete a Payment Form‌ and post it to us. Please note for compliance we cannot accept payment forms by email.
  • Alternatively you may visit the Service Desk on level 2 of the Fraser Building and apply in person. We can take payments at the desk Monday to Friday: 0900 – 1600, except Wednesday when we open slightly later at 0930.



If you studied B.Ed. or P.G.C.E. at Notre Dame College of Education, Craiglockhart College of Education or St Andrews College (Bearsden) prior to 1999 then you need to complete a seperate transcript request form: Pre-1999 Education Transcript

Only complete this form if you studied for a B.Ed or P.G.C.E as detailed above.