Financial Aid


In academic session 2022/23, eligible EU and International students will be able to apply for support from the Hardship Fund, in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

UK students will be able to apply for ongoing living cost support via the 2022/23 Discretionary & Childcare Funds.

Students affected by the cost of living crisis and unable to meet their living costs as a result can apply for support via the appropriate fund as above.  Details on the funds and application processes are detailed below.  See:  Funds and support we offer - including how to apply.

We understand that world events such as the Covid-19 outbreak or the war in Ukraine may have significant impact on you and your studies; if you are in serious unexpected financial difficulty for these reasons, we may be able to help in some small way, so please do ask.

We are unable to offer face-to-face appointments however our services below remain in operation.  Please read the guidance below regarding available support and how to apply.

Unfortunately financial aid funds cannot provide any support towards the cost of your tuition fees.   If you have an enquiry regarding payment of your tuition fees please e-mail

If you have left the University of Glasgow under the Go Abroad programme and are seeking financial support due to extra costs, please contact in the first instance.

If you are an Erasmus Mundus student, please contact your insurer and programme coordinator in the first instance.

Money Advice Scotland have created a series of webinars covering some key aspects of personal finance that will be useful for students to learn more about. 


Funds and support we offer - including how to apply

Summer Hardship Fund 2022

This fund closed on 31st July.

2022/23 funds will open on Monday 12th September and details of the funds available and application processes will be posted on these pages by the beginning of September.

University of Glasgow Hardship Fund (EU and International Students)



Discretionary & Childcare Funds




Rent Guarantor Scheme

The University of Glasgow Rent Guarantor Scheme has been developed to help students secure accommodation, which is otherwise unavailable, because a UK-based Rent Guarantor cannot be secured.

The Rent Guarantor Scheme will support up to 50 students per year and the University will act as Rent Guarantor for rent payable under Short Assured and Private Residential tenancies.

Important Note for Students

In the event of a successful application, landlords and accommodation providers are required to sign the University of Glasgow's Rent Guarantee Agreement (Provider).

  • The University of Glasgow cannot act as guarantor unless this document is signed.
  • The University of Glasgow cannot sign any paperwork (such as tenancy agreement) drafted by a landlord or accommodation provider.
  • The University of Glasgow cannot complete any external guarantor form or application process e.g. via an accommodation provider’s webpages etc.

Students are advised to consult their prospective landlord or accommodation provider regarding these requirements before beginning an application.

The University of Glasgow can only act as guarantor by signing our own Rent Guarantee Agreement (Provider) documents.  We cannot process a Rent Guarantor Scheme application if a landlord or accommodation provider requires us to sign any other documentation or complete any online form.

Student Eligibility

The Rent Guarantor Scheme is available to the following students, registered on a full degree programme:

  • Overseas students.
  • EU students.
  • UK students who are care leavers.
  • UK students who are estranged from their family.
  • Students with refugee or asylum seeker status.

Applicants to the Rent Guarantor Scheme must:

  • Be able to demonstrate adequate financial provision to meet the cost of rent payments throughout the academic year.
  • Have not defaulted on any debts to the University of Glasgow e.g. missed a tuition fee or accommodation payment instalment.
  • Have satisfactory academic progress and be on course to progress to the next academic year (only applies to continuing students).
  • Be able to demonstrate regular payments to current accommodation provider (only applies to continuing students with a current tenancy).

In the event of shared and multiple tenancies, the scheme will only support the individual applicant’s share of rent.  The scheme will only support full multiple tenancies if all tenants are eligible and invited to apply to the scheme individually.

Any guarantor application/agreement will become void in the event of a suspension, withdrawal or exclusion from studies.  The scheme will not cover students who fail to register or take up their accommodation.

If you have not identified a property yet but provide the above evidence, we can provide an email that confirms, in principle, that we can act as guarantor.  Please note the guarantor agreement will not be finalised until the property is identified and all of the required evidence below is provided.

Accommodation Eligibility

Independent Private Accommodation for which the following documents can be provided:

Purpose Built Student Accommodation (subject to gaining approved supplier status with the University of Glasgow).

What does the guarantee cover?

The guarantee covers rent only (not bills, damages etc.) up to a maximum of £150 per week/£650 per calendar month.

The University will cover rent for up to 12 months.

Application procedure

Eligible students can submit a Rent Guarantor Scheme Application Form via email.

When applying, students will be required to submit the following supporting documents:

For independent private accommodation:

For Purpose Built Student Accommodation providers, a letter on an official company letterhead containing:

  • Bank Sort Code
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Name
  • Branch Address
  • E Mail Address
  • VAT Registration Number
  • Company Registration Number
  • Company Registered Address
  • Number of Employees

In the event of a successful application, students will be required to:

  • Sign and return a Rent Guarantee Agreement (Student).
  • Arrange for landlord or accommodation provider to sign and return a Rent Guarantee Agreement (Provider).
    Purpose Built Student Accommodation providers must also submit additional documentation to obtain approved supplier status with the University of Glasgow.
  • Provide a signed copy of the lease agreement.

How does the scheme work?

Students are expected to pay rent directly to their landlord or accommodation provider as standard (not via a flatmate).  If a student is unable to pay rent they must notify the Financial Aid Team ( immediately, explaining reason(s) for non-payment, amount due and the due date.  Landlords must also notify the Financial Aid Team by e-mail if rent is in arrears.

The University of Glasgow expects landlords to approach students for rent payment before requesting payment from the University. The University also expects students to promptly approach the University if struggling to pay rent.

How do I repay rent to the University of Glasgow?

If the University of Glasgow is required to pay rent on a student’s behalf, debt will be added to the student’s University of Glasgow account and will be required to be paid within an agreed timeframe.

Who to contact

For further information about the Rent Guarantor Scheme please contact the Financial Aid Team -

University of Glasgow Laptop Loan Scheme

In addition to the IT facilities and services available on campus, the University of Glasgow can also assist students who require a laptop for their studies.  Students can request a laptop on a long-term loan basis from the University of Glasgow.

UK Students

If you require a laptop for your studies but cannot afford to purchase one at this time, please apply for the Discretionary Fund, which can assist with your living costs.  After applying for the fund you can request a laptop via the University of Glasgow Laptop Loan Scheme.  You do not need to wait on the outcome of your fund application before requesting a laptop.

If you received funding from the Discretionary Fund or Hardship Fund previously, you can request a laptop direct via the University of Glasgow Laptop Loan Scheme immediately.  You are also encouraged to apply for the Discretionary Fund should you require further financial assistance.

Laptops are provided on a loan basis for the full academic year but should be returned before then if no longer required. 

EU and International Students

If you require a laptop for your studies but cannot afford to purchase one at this time, you can request a laptop via the University of Glasgow Laptop Loan Scheme

If you are having difficulty with meeting your basic living costs, the Hardship Fund can provide one-off emergency support to students who meet the fund’s eligibility criteria.

Part-Time Fee Grant



The Part-Time Fee Grant (PTFG) is administered by SAAS (Student Awards Agency for Scotland) and provides help each year towards the cost of tuition fees for part-time Undergraduate students studying 30-119 credits at a Scottish institution.

An application only counts towards a year of the course. You must apply annually and submit a new application for each year of study.

If you are studying via Short Courses please contact the Short Courses team for full information on their application process:

How to Apply

  1. Complete MyCampus enrolment for all courses being taken in academic year 22-23.
  2. Complete MyCampus financial registration by selecting SAAS Part Time Fee Grant as funder and how much Part Time Fee Grant funding you require See Here
  3. Complete the SAAS Part Time Fee Grant Application by creating or logging into your SAAS account: 

If you have completed registration but have missed point 2 above, you can still apply for PTFG and your MyCampus record will be updated to reflect this in due course.

If you add courses after the PTFG is confirmed you will be liable for any extra fees, unless you reapply or notify SAAS.

Dental Student Support Grant (DSSG)

Dental students at the University of Glasgow can apply for a grant of £4,000 a year from second year onwards to help with the cost of their studies. This is called the Dental Student Support Grant (DSSG).

Only students who started their BDS degree in academic session 2017-18 or later can apply for DSSG.

Full information including the application form is available on the Scottish Government's webpages.

How to Apply

Please submit applications via email to only.  Applications or evidence submitted by post cannot be accepted.

The application deadline for 2022/23 is Friday 9th December 2022 however an early application is recommended.

The Financial Aid Team will begin processing applications in late-August and will be in touch with applicants then.

Only applications from students who have completed full registration for the new academic year can be processed.  Please ensure you complete full registration by Friday 12th August.

Students awarded DSSG will receive two instalments of £2000, at the end of September and the end of January (will differ if you apply late), paid direct via Financial Aid on MyCampus.

Any students awarded DSSG must ensure they Enter UK bank details on MyCampus.

Applications submitted by the end of August will be processed in time for first payment on Friday 30th September.

Later applications will be processed as soon as possible however payment may take up to 4 weeks, due to our banking system's schedule.

Student Loans Company (SLC) Information and Frequently Asked Questions

What are my tuition fees?

You can check your tuition by logging into your MyGlasgow account.

Further information on tuition fees for RUK students is available here.

Am I eligible for any additional funding as well as my Student Loan?

If you agree to share details of your household income with the University of Glasgow (answer "yes" on your Student Loan application) you will automatically be considered for the RUK Access Bursary.

If you are an undergraduate student, your admissions application will be used to assess you for the RUK Excellence Scholarship.

The Scholarships Team will contact you direct if you are awarded either of these funds.

How do I get paid?

Sign and return your loan paperwork to Student Finance/SAAS.

Enter your Student Support Number (13 characters) from your loan paperwork on MyCampus when completing registration.

Complete registration on MyCampus.

The University of Glasgow will confirm your registration to the SLC, who will release your maintenance loan.

When will I be paid?

Provisional payment dates will be listed on your loan paperwork however before you can receive payment you must complete registration on MyCampus.

After you complete registration on MyCampus it can take approximately 8 working days for your payment to reach you.  Subsequent payments should reach you closer to the dates listed on your loan paperwork.

What happens if I apply for my loans late?

You will still receive your full loan entitlement for the year, but your first payment will most likely be late.

If you apply late you will be personally liable for tuition fees until your Tuition Fee Loan is approved.

My maintenance loan payments are incorrect. Contact Student Finance or SAAS.
I am repeating a year of study, what do I do?

Create a support call via your MyGlasgow page providing as much detail as possible and assign to the Financial Aid team within the Registry.

The Financial Aid team will then submit a Change of Circumstance request on the SLC system to update your loans.

If you are repeating on an Exams Only basis you are not eligible for Student Loans.

If you are repeating on a part time basis you may not be entitled to Student Loans, depending on the circumstances.  For example, if you are only enrolled on semester 2 courses you may only be eligible for loans for that part of the year.

Student Finance has told me the University needs to submit a Change of Circumstances. Create a support call via your MyGlasgow page providing as much detail as possible and assign to the Financial Aid team within the Registry.
The University has contacted me regarding a tuition fee debt but I have a fee loan from the SLC.

Make sure your 13 character Student Support Number is recorded on MyCampus.

Check your loan paperwork and MyCampus fees to ensure you have loans for the full fee.

Create a support call via your MyGlasgow page providing as much detail as possible and assign to the Financial Aid team within the Registry.

The University is charging fees for my final year but my course on the Student Loans system doesn't allow me to take out a fee loan.

When applying for loans, please search for "Final Year Fees" when selecting your course.  There should be a course closely matching yours, with "Final Year Fees" in the title - please select this course in order to request a fee loan for your final year.

Please note:  The Final Year Fees course does not have to be an exact match for your actual course e.g. Business & Management (Final Year Fees) can be selected if your course is Business & Management/Economics etc.

If you cannot find a course which closely resembles yours as above, please contact the financial aid team, who will create a suitable course  on the Student Loans system.

This situation can occur when you have already benefitted from a 'free' year, where no tuition fees were charged by the University e.g. a Study Abroad year.  When this happens, you will be charged a fee for your final year (excluding 5 year language degrees which do not charge fees for the year abroad or the final year).

How do I confirm my Study Abroad arrangements with Student Finance?

Please indicate on your loan application that you will be abroad and provide date/location details.

Student Finance should then issue you with a Course Abroad Form (CAB1), which can be signed off by the University of Glasgow team organising your period abroad (normally the Study Abroad Team or your College/School Office).  Completed CAB1 should then be submitted to Student Finance.

Study Abroad may entitle you to additional funding or early loan payments; please liaise with Student Finance for further information.

I was supposed to be overseas for the full year but have returned early.

Please notify your course admin contact, Financial Aid team and MRIO Go Abroad team via email.

Please note your fees for the year will increase if you return early however these can normally be covered by an SLC tuition fee loan if you notify the financial aid team.

I want to withdraw from my studies.

Please liaise with your advisor of studies and course admin contact and submit a formal withdrawal request.

Please consult the refund policy for information on your tuition fee liability in event of a withdrawal from studies.

I am transferring to the University of Glasgow from another University.

Make sure your 13 character Student Support Number is recorded on MyCampus. 

Create a support call via your MyGlasgow page asking for a Transfer In Change of Circumstances to be submitted to the SLC.  Assign to the Financial Aid team within the Registry.

I am transferring to another University and leaving the University of Glasgow. Please follow the withdrawal process as above and ask your new University to submit a Transfer In Change of Circumstance via the SLC portal.

When creating a support call via MyGlasgow please include your name, student number and SLC student support number (13 characters).

Stipend Payments

If you are due to receive payments via MyCampus Financial Aid from the University of Glasgow, you should Enter UK bank details on MyCampus (pdf).

If you do not enter UK bank details on to your MyCampus account, payments will be delayed.  Please see the Student Stipend Calendar for further information.

Glasgow University Sports Association Hardship Fund

The GUSA Hardship Fund for sport was created in the 2020/21 academic year to support students experiencing unforeseen short-term financial difficulty, but wish to participate in sport at University. GUSA will assess applications based on the information provided, but may require further evidence to be submitted to ensure the fund is supporting those who are most in need of support to partake in sport.

Applicants do not need to have been accepted onto the normal hardship fund to apply for the GUSA Hardship fund. All awards are given at the discretion of the committee.

The support the GUSA fund provides is:
• Full Cost of UofG Sport Membership per applicant (applications must be resubmitted each academic year)
• Full funding of one GUSA club sport membership per academic year or relevant semester

Students can apply for both of the above. Please note successful funding will be transferred directly to UofG Sport or the respective club and cannot be claimed in cash by the recipient . The fund exists as GUSA and the University recognise the positive and lifelong benefits participation in sport has on a student’s physical and mental wellbeing. This fund aims to support students most in need by removing financial barriers to participation. Please note that the fund does not exist to supply all students with a free gym membership and we therefore ask that only students who cannot afford to cover their own Sport and GUSA Club memberships apply.

Full application information can be found on the Glasgow University Sports Association Hardship Form

Other Financial Support


Internal scholarships and bursaries are administered by a variety of teams and offices across the Univerisity of Glasgow.  The Scholarships and funding directory provides details of the funding available to University of Glasgow students.


The Student Representative Council Advice Centre can assist students with budgeting, managing their money and also often help students to negotiate repayment plans for debts with creditors including the University.

Money Advice Scotland offer impartial advice and support to people with debts and assist in improving financial capability.

The Money Advice Centre offer impartial online financial advice aimed specifically at students.

Step Change provide impartial debt supprt and advice.

Citizens Advice Scotland provide impartial advice and support on a wide range of subjects, including finances.

BetBlocker is software that is aimed at tackling problem gambling and can be installed for free on any device.  BetBlocker will prevent the user from accessing  thousands of gambling sites.

What Students Say About Us

"...thanks so much for your help. You do so much to go above and beyond for all us American students and we couldn't manage to be here without you."

"I am not sure if I will see you again on campus, but I wanted to say one last time that I really appreciate the assistance you gave me. My financial experience at my old university was horrific. I have been more than satisfied with how smoothly this has gone, especially considering how difficult the U.S. government can be. I wish you the best with everything and hopefully I'll possibly see you around again at graduation."

"Thank you so much for assessing my claim - this is such fantastic news I find it difficult to express my elation. The award of the fund greatly alleviates stress relating to my current financial situation.  Without the fund I would have found it pretty much impossible to complete the PGDE programme, and I am immensely grateful to the University and yourself for the assistance in this matter."

"Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate it!  Over the past year, I have felt extremely worried about my debt and how I'd be able to pay it back, but this fund will save me a lot of stress and I'l be able to cut down hours at my job to really focus on my degree!"

"Thank you very much! This fund has been a lifesaver for me over the last few years and I really appreciate all of the help.  Thank you again."

"The Financial Aid team has been extremely helpful in my experience. Not only were they able to help financially, but I was also lucky enough to be able to sit down and discuss my situation with a member of the team. This meeting was extremely helpful and provided me with a great deal of clarity regarding my financial situation. The application was straightforward and the Financial Aid team were able to answer any questions I had. The fund offers students with needed help that is unavailable elsewhere and the help I received has reduced a substantial amount of stress.
I would like to thank all of the Financial Aid team, the work you do is integral for some students to get by. I am extremely grateful for the help you were able to provide and wish you all the best."

About the Financial Aid Team

The Financial Aid Team are responsible for the management and administration of approximately £37 million of funds each year that are provided to University of Glasgow students from a variety of sources including the UK Government and United States Department of Education.  Student Financial Aid is a small team comprising of five members of staff working a mixture of full-time and part-time hours within the University of Glasgow Registry.

As well as administering the funds detailed below the team also manage the weekly and monthly BACS run processes, which facilitates payments to funded students via the MyCampus system.  A typical monthly BACS run provides over £2.1 million of funding to University of Glasgow students.

The funds available via the Financial Aid Team are intended to benefit as many of our eligible students as possible and allow them to complete their studies at the University of Glasgow.  Each academic session, the Financial Aid team organises the provision of financial support and funding to over 4,000 students.

Historical Hardship Fund and Discretionary Fund figures.

Full information on funding available via the Financial Aid Team is detailed below and our contact details are listed above, should you have any enquiries.

Alan McConnell (Financial Aid Manager) December 2018 interview with Ann Luk, for the PGR Blog.