Programme & course data in MyCampus

Programme and course approval process

Programme and course data in MyCampus is created/amended on the basis information from the Course and Programme Design and Approval Process.

All Programme and Course specifications and approvals must be processed through the Programme Information Process (PIP) system.

Programme and course approval processes both operate to strict timetables.

Timely completion of course approval documentation and approval through PIP is essential to allow for room allocation, student registration and enrolment and examination timetabling.

It may be necessary for the Registry to contact the School with responsibility for a course to collect additional data, in particular in relation to examination arrangements, before all the relevant data can be added to the student records system.

Course enrolment and curriculum changes

Course enrolment process

Course enrolment is the process used to select courses and classes which will meet Plan requirements and produce a working timetable.

Most students enrol on some or all their courses themselves through MyCampus self-service.

To enrol on courses eligible students must first complete Academic Registration in MyCampus.

Keeping the course enrolment information up-to-date

It is important that the course enrolment information in MyCampus is always up-to-date.

All curriculum changes must be processed through MyCampus in a timely manner. If  course enrolments are incorrect  this will result in inaccuracies in teaching and examination timetables, the distribution of income to academic units responsible for teaching courses, management information and statutory returns.

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