Form of Study Changes

If you require a Form of Study Change from Class Enrolment to any of the below, please ensure the student's MyCampus record is term active for the session to which the the form of study change relates.  To request a form of study change, please do so via Ivanti.

Please be aware there are fees associated with some of these and that fees will be recalculated as appropriate.  For more information on when each form of study should be used, please see the Form of Study Fees 2023.

  • Dissertation Extension
  • Erasmus Outgoing
  • Exam Only
  • Exchange Out
  • Language Year Out
  • Reassessment of Dissertation
  • Registered with Attendance
  • Thesis Pending paid Extension
  • Work Placement

For Students requiring their form of study to be changed to ‘Dissertation Extension’:

  • The end date will also be updated to reflect the 31st July of the following year unless otherwise requested.

For those Students that have had their form of study changed from Class Enrolment in the previous year and is therefore required to be changed back, these students will be identified and updated automatically. There is no requirement for an Ivanti call to be raised. This process is run daily from 1st August to the end of the Add/Drop period.