Extracurricular Activity information for adding to section 6 of HEAR.

HEAR Extracurricular Activity 

The University of Glasgow provides staff members with the opportunity to propose extracurricular activities to be included on a student’s Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). These activities are assessed in subsections which are shown below: 

  • Clubs and Societies  
  • Employability 
  • Student Representation 
  • Work Placements and Volunteering  
  • Sporting Achievements 
  • Prizes and Medals
  • International Experience 

Staff members wishing to propose a new extracurricular activity for consideration must submit a detailed proposal using the below form to the Clerk to the Board via the below email. This proposal must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting to be considered. 


Contact the Clerk of the Board 

HEAR Approvals Board 

The HEAR approvals board convenes twice a year in March and October to discuss submitted proposals from Staff relating to extra-curricular activity items to be included on students HEAR. 

Staff must submit a detailed proposal request by filling out the proposal form with relevant information to be put forward to the board. This must be completed in advance of the committee convening. 


HEAR Approvals Board Outcomes 

There are three possible outcomes from a HEAR approval board proposal.  

  • Accepted, the proposal has been approved and a new extracurricular activity item code will be created in MyCampus by the Clerk to the Board. 
  • Further Information Required, the proposal has been discussed and further details are required for the committee to adequately assess the proposals suitability for inclusion. 
  • Rejected, the proposal has been declined and a new extracurricular activity item will not be created. 

In each of these instances the Clerk to the Board will contact the proposer and advise of the outcome as listed above. If successful, the proposer will be granted access on MyCampus to begin assigning students to their relevant code for inclusion on the HEAR. This role is normally performed either by the proposer or by School Administration staff. 

HEAR Extracurricular Activity School Staff 

School administrators can add students to extracurricular activities via MyCampus by following the below pathway, once they have access in MyCampus. 

  • Main Menu > Campus Community > Personal Information (Student) > Participation Data (Student) > Extracurricular Activities 

In MyCampus once you have followed the above pathway. Enter the student ID number and click ‘search’.  If empty fields appear in the student screen, type in the activity code and the academic session, and then save.  If the student already has some activities listed, then click the ‘+’ box to add a new item. Select the code provided by the Clerk. 

For further information please see the attached guide or utilise the clerk of the board email address.